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Comment Re: Oh, that's ironic (Score 1) 571

If I understand correctly, the country they came to first was Turkey. By international law, Turkey is obliged to let them stay if they are truly refugees. Turkey is not allowed to simply let them pass through to wherever they think they can get the most benefits.

Comment One thing I've learned on /. (Score 1) 348

Nobody in the whole universe knows what a socialism is, not even socialists themselves. No matter how you define it there will always be somebody who says you're wrong. They won't even accept the definition given by recognized socialist organizations.

Anyway, Hillary has described herself as a "progressive" in the old sense (meaning early 20th Century). Anybody care to define THAT?

Comment Re:Science! (Score 2) 737

Yep, we're turning the clock back hundreds of years with this crap. Disagree with the majority and get put in prison or executed. And they call themselves "scientists"! They don't know what a scientist is. Most here don't, either.

If an idea can't stand on its own without silencing opposing opinions, then it's not much of an idea to start with.

Comment Re:I wonder if they're going to use this as "proof (Score 1) 657

That's insane. The thugs steal from the poor more often than they steal from the rich, mainly because they are close by and usually unarmed. There are thugs out there who will kill you for a few dollars. They don't care who you are or how much money you have.

And far, far more blacks are killed by other blacks than by law enforcement, despite what the mainstream media would have you believe.

I know a lot of cops. There are rich ones, poor ones, black ones, white ones, and everything in between. Most are salt of the Earth and a few shouldn't be trusted with any authority at all. They're just like everybody else trying to do a job and make it to retirement.

Comment Re:10 Mbits isn't enough (Score 1) 280

I'm satisfied with my cable company giving me 50. I'm averaging 66 any time of day when I check it. Apparently nobody else near me is using cable for internet. The one time this year when it went down was because of a fiber miles from me being cut.

I'm sure as time goes by they will go up and up and up with the speed. They always have, even without me asking.

Comment What's the fuss? (Score 1) 591

I had biology class in a small town in Alabama way back in 1967. My teacher was a very religious lady who was in church every time the door was open, but she taught us about evolution and natural selection. For her it was science and she was teaching a science course. Her beliefs were something she left at the door. We all knew, and most of the class agreed with her beliefs. She was tough as nails and it was hard to make an 'A' in her class. I made straight A's.

I also had her for human physiology class. The final exam had only one question. Name the ten systems in the human body, the organs that make up each system, and the functions of those organs. Simple, huh?

In short, good science teachers will teach science. Personally I see no disagreement between science and religion. One tells you how and the other tells you why.

Comment Re:The Obama administration (Score 1) 35

As much as I detest Obama, it's not just his administration. Incompetence and government go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The problem is an over-bloated bureaucracy that doesn't know its ass from a hole in the ground. And for that we can blame both parties and 99.9% of all politicians.

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