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Comment: Re:Deals? (Score 1) 188

by reboot246 (#48613933) Attached to: Apple Wins iTunes DRM Case

If you get razors from company X you can't get blades from company Y.

Really? I own two brands of razors - an Edwin Jagger and a couple of Merkurs. I can use any brand of blade I want to buy - Astra, Feather, Gillette, Merkur, Personna, Wilkinson, Sharp, Shark, and Polsilver, just to name a few.

Maybe you're buying the wrong kind of razors.

Comment: Re:Short sighted (Score 3, Informative) 229

by reboot246 (#48595507) Attached to: Forbes Blasts Latests Windows 7 Patch as Malware
I have my settings adjusted so that Windows tells me about the updates, but I choose when to download and install them. It's best to wait a couple of days after they're released to find out if anybody is having a problem with one of them. Let some other poor sucker get his computer bricked.

Comment: Re:Someone has (Score 2, Interesting) 270

by reboot246 (#48576787) Attached to: Keurig 2.0 Genuine K-Cup Spoofing Vulnerability
High pH would be very alkaline. I guess you meant low pH, because it's a common myth that coffee grounds are very acidic. They are pretty near to neutral and actually get more basic as they decompose.

I just measured the pH of some coffee grounds here in my kitchen. The results ---> 6.9

Keurig K-Cups are for people who don't know how to make coffee. Where did their coffee come from and how old is it? Is it a blend or single origin? What roast is it, or is it a blend of different roasts? What's the grind? What is the temperature of the water in the machine?

I roast green coffee beans, let them rest for a day, grind the beans just right for whatever method I'm going to use to make the coffee (drip, espresso, French press), and brew with good filtered water at the right temperature for just the right amount of time. Even $tarbuck$ can't come close.

Comment: Re:That day (Score 0) 280

by reboot246 (#48560831) Attached to: Utilities Face Billions In Losses From Distributed Renewables
If the government keeps putting coal companies out of business, the people refuse to let nuclear plants be built, and we have a President who would like for electricity rates to "skyrocket", then solar power (no matter how expensive) will be able to compete with electric utility companies.

Just a few years ago we had the cheapest electric power one could imagine, and now look at it. Amazing what a few misguided individuals can fuck up in so short a time.

You may like living in the stone age, but most of us would rather be comfortable.

Comment: Re:Everyone? (Score 1) 545

by reboot246 (#48535795) Attached to: Should IT Professionals Be Exempt From Overtime Regulations?
I'm in favor of including everyone, especially me!

I'm on a monthly salary and make more than the current limit of $23,660. Sure, I work the full 40 hours on the job and that IS actual work. We are charging our customers by the hour and they don't want me sitting around doing nothing. But driving time to and from the job is not included. Neither is time spent at night doing paperwork. Time at the office doing maintenance on our equipment is not counted. My average week is about 70 hours. I've had a few weeks of more than 90 hours. I'd love to be paid overtime. Where do I sign up?

Comment: Re:Fuuuuuck (Score 1) 111

by reboot246 (#48502373) Attached to: South Korea Bans Selfie-Stick Sales
No problem setting my phone down on its side to take a photo, but for timer shots I much prefer my DSLR - much better glass and better photos.

What aggravates me are photos taken by people who can't (won't, don't) turn the damned phone sideways to take a photo or shoot video. I'm tired of seeing tall narrow photos and tall narrow videos.

Comment: Re:Just like the onion predicted the 5 bladed razo (Score 1) 216

by reboot246 (#48502289) Attached to: How the Rollout of 5G Will Change Everything
Five blades on a razor is total hype and a waste of money. You need only one very good blade. Grow up and shave like a real man! Buy a good razor and learn how to use it.

I shave with an old-fashioned double-edge razor. Not an old razor - I bought it a couple of years ago. It's a Merkur 39D Slant. Yeah, it cost about 50 bucks, but it will be around to hand down to my great grandson. I also bought 100 of the best blades made for about 10 bucks.

Add a badger brush and a good quality shaving soap like Proraso or Haslinger, and you're set for a long, long time of baby butt smooth shaves.

Comment: If you can't write in cursive (Score 0) 523

by reboot246 (#48486701) Attached to: Finland Dumps Handwriting In Favor of Typing
If you can't write in cursive, you're pretty much a dumb ass. How are you going to sign your name, like Jacob J. Lew (just a series of loops)? Maybe you prefer an 'X' (historically the mark of an uneducated person)?

Your opinion may differ from mine, but since you're so dumb that you don't even know how to write your own freaking name, how can I take you seriously? Did you skip adding and subtracting, too? Can you be trusted with even the simplest of tasks?

Or are you trying to say that you're so busy and important that you just can't take the time to learn how to write? What a load of crap!

Comment: Re:That's unchecked capitalism for you (Score 1) 516

by reboot246 (#48465715) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Is the Power Grid So Crummy In So Many Places?
And in many places they are limited by regulation as to how much profit can be made. They have the cost of generating the power, the cost of labor (usually union), the cost of maintaining a fleet of vehicles, and so on. There's not a lot of incentive placed on maintenance, especially upgrading the distribution system to underground. The newer subdivisions generally have power lines underground, but it's expensive to go back and do that in the older parts of the system.

Where I live the power company is a corporation, and they own the power generation facilities and the distribution system. Where I'm working right now the power distribution is owned by the city, and the power comes from TVA. Both have problems with power outages about equally.

We will have solar energy as soon as the utility companies solve one technical problem -- how to run a sunbeam through a meter.