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Comment: Re:Freedom! (Score 1) 109

by reboot246 (#49724495) Attached to: Robotic Space Plane Launches In Mystery Mission This Week
You should have paid closer attention. Your "reward" will be 70 very ugly virgins riddled with various diseases who will constantly be fighting with each other, and who will always be jealous of each other. Plus they will have only one hobby - nagging at you. Have fun with your paradise, my friend.

Comment: Re:Oxymoron (Score 1) 263

by reboot246 (#49722593) Attached to: Book Review: The Terrorists of Iraq
I don't understand what was meant by the statement. Apparently the writer doesn't know crap about how our government is organized. The Congress is comprised of the Senate AND the House of Representatives.

"United States Congress and House of Representatives" doesn't make any sense at all.

Maybe he meant to write, "United States Senate and House of Representatives"?

That's okay. Even the media get it wrong most of the time. You'll hear them talking about "the Senate and the Congress" all of the time. It makes me wonder how they made it through grade school, much less college.

Comment: Re:More proof the media is controlled by Republica (Score 2) 272

I generally agree Jeb is unlikely to win because people don't want him, but I'm more worried than you are. If your sort of analysis could be counted on, then we could already call a Hillary loss in the general election because people don't like Hillary. She has very little to offer and probably won't be able to do anything to surprise anyone or to motivate a strong turnout.

I'd guess the most likely outcome is President Scott Walker and Vice President Marco Rubio.

Comment: Re:When Nixon did that... (Score 1) 272

About 30-40% of people have to vote for Hillary because they're partisan Democrats and Hillary's opponents for the Democrat nomination are very weak. There's almost zero chance they'd vote for the Republican instead of Hillary.

For black folks, 90+% will vote Democrat. They'll never vote a different way, so their support can be completely written off by one side and completely taken for granted by the other.

On the Republican side, there are a whole bunch of candidates and many of them are highly qualified, with years of successful governance of their states or years of less successful representation in congress. But some late night comedians and Hollywood douchebags said Republicans aren't cool. About 30-40% of people will vote for them anyway.

That leaves the decision up to the undecided voters. The press will tell them that Hillary should be given a pass no matter what she did, but that the Republican alternative should be held responsible for everything bad anyone ever did throughout the history of the world. We'll see what happens.

Comment: Re:Oh for fucks sake (Score 1) 612

by Kohath (#49713977) Attached to: The Economic Consequences of Self-Driving Trucks

They're only extortionists if they threaten violence to extort money. If they don't, they aren't. I'm not sure what's unclear about that.

I wasn't the one who came up with the argument that paycheck earners should pay up to avoid violence. If you think that argument portrays poor people unfairly, then you should direct your complaints to the guys who made the argument.

I think it's a poor argument because I'd rather fight than pay people who would threaten me. And even if I chose not to fight every time, I'd still always view those threatening me as enemies and I'd look for opportunities to strike against them. It's not a great way to organize a society.

"Who alone has reason to *lie himself out* of actuality? He who *suffers* from it." -- Friedrich Nietzsche