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Comment Re:15 years old? (Score 1) 436

Localized food production? Like how are you going to grow enough food to feed New York City by growing in or near New York City? Not much arable land and a short growing season add up to not much food.

I'm all for buying locally grown produce, but I live in a mostly rural state that grows a LOT of food. There's a reason that most food is grown in areas with low populations - it takes a lot of space to grow crops.

Comment Join the crowd, kids (Score 0) 436

0bama hasn't been doing his job since he first took office. He apparently has an aversion to actually doing anything, and would rather just talk about it.

Oh, but he is an accomplished master at vacations and playing golf (like most Presidents).

We may actually be better off with a President and Congress who don't get much accomplished, because just look at all the bad stuff they do when they get around to doing something.

My advice, kids, is to get your panties out a wad and grow up a little before you start demanding stuff. It may not be what you think you're getting.

Comment Has to be better than USPS (Score 1) 267

Amazon has been in bed with the devil for a couple of years now. Nearly everything I order comes by USPS - the slowest, least reliable delivery service on Earth. The Post Office doesn't seem to understand that this is their last best chance to stay relevant and possibly get out of the red. Nope, they're sticking to their old ways - yesterday's technology delivering your packages tomorrow (or next week).

Drones are still in the earliest stage of development, so there's no telling how they will fare in a few years. Maybe they will take over most deliveries, maybe not.

Comment Re:Transition (Score 1) 232

Amen, brother! As a 62 year old who wears ever-stronger glasses just to see how to get around, I want the largest television screen I can afford.

And I want it to be as dumb as a box of rocks, without sound if I can get it that way. I just need a monitor for cable television, Blu-ray player, FireTV, computer, etc.. Just give me one with plenty of HDMI inputs (my current one has three) and I'm a happy camper.

Comment Re:Surveillance reduces sales and corrupts democra (Score 1) 360

"In a democracy, citizens are allowed to participate in government."

See? You have it assbackwards right there. The citizens formed the government and gave it limited powers. We've let the government usurp our power over the years because of uneducated and apathetic voters. The evidence that we've fallen too far already is your own statement. There is no hope left if everybody is hopelessly ignorant of their own power over government.

Comment Re:Don't evolve your business model (Score 1) 222

For people who read the site regularly those two choices are fine, but for those who might visit the site only three or four times a year, ad blocking seems to be the only choice.

There are a lot of news sites that I visit only a handful of times a year. I'll be damned if I pay for access when I rarely use it.

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