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Comment: This may be why (Score 4, Interesting) 316

by reboot246 (#49502135) Attached to: Can High Intelligence Be a Burden Rather Than a Boon?
The danger when you have the intelligence to do anything you want to do in life is doing nothing. You hesitate to focus narrowly on one field of study because that means you'll have less time for all the others.

I won't say what my IQ is, but it's up there. My grades, especially in science courses, were practically perfect. People were expecting me to go into all kinds of careers, including medicine, chemistry, physics, computer science, etc.. But, I'm interested in everything! Always have been. I chose a career that didn't need much thought so I could keep up with what was happening in science and technology. It's worked. How many 62 year olds do you know who build their own computers? Or just bought two new microscopes? Or diagnose their own problems before going to the doctor?

I know a lot of successful people. Most of them have very little time for fishing, hunting, camping, going to ball games, watching television, listening to music, playing with the children & grandchildren, or working in the garden. I have all the time in the world to enjoy life. Isn't that what it's all about?

Comment: Re:I guess he crossed the wrong people (Score 2, Insightful) 300

by reboot246 (#49498055) Attached to: Columbia University Doctors Ask For Dr. Mehmet Oz's Dismissal
I don't question the science of GMO foods. I question the safety of GMO foods. I just don't want to eat a food that manufactures its own pesticide. You do?

I also know that genes don't stay put in one plant - that's science, too. We are already seeing Round-Up resistant weeds. I have enough weeds on my property, thank you.

Comment: Re:IRS - Taxes (Score 1) 84

by reboot246 (#49496639) Attached to: For the most recent tax year ...
Income taxes are immoral. You're paid for your time (that's your life) and nobody should just take part of your life. If you pay income taxes and the money is given to somebody else, then you're essentially being their slave. They are claiming part of your life as theirs. That's wrong.

Taxes should be consumption based. That way everybody pays something, even drug dealers, illegal aliens, and tourists.

Since people with more money tend to buy more expensive things, they would probably wind up paying more in consumption taxes than they do now in income taxes.

The poorer people would be exempt from paying consumption taxes on basic necessities.

Hey, this is beginning to sound like the start of the Fair Tax! Call your Congress Critter and tell them.

Comment: Re:Everyone loves taxes (Score 1) 173

Actually, a LOT of government spending "comes out of thin air". That's part of the problem - fiat currency. The federal government is printing money at an ever-increasing pace, therefore devaluing the currency. Listen to old people when they tell you what a dollar "used to buy".

When I was 7 years old I could take a quarter to the store; buy a soft drink, a bag of chips, and a candy bar; and get change back. Now a quarter just barely covers the tax.

Comment: The answer to the problem (Score 3, Interesting) 153

Just refuse to buy any game that can't be played in standalone mode. If it requires an online server, just say no.

If enough people do this, the companies will have to change their perverted business model.

Can you live without your online gaming habit for a year or two?

Comment: Where's my raise?!? (Score 1) 304

by reboot246 (#49433703) Attached to: Obama Says Climate Change Is Harming Americans' Health
If finding natural gas leaks is important enough to get Google involved, then why am I paid so damned little? I've been doing natural gas leak surveys for nearly 39 years. Google may be able to cover more territory, but I'd bet I'm better than they are. Underground gas leaks don't kill the vegetation (or even discolor it) for a while after they start. I can find them BEFORE they go that long.

I've found tens of thousands of underground leaks and tens of thousands of above ground leaks, not to mention saving hundreds of lives along with preventing the accompanying property losses.

You'd think as important as that is, I'd be making well over 100K per year, but I'm far, far below that.

So where's my raise? Can I get a big Federal grant to pay me to do my job?

Civilization, as we know it, will end sometime this evening. See SYSNOTE tomorrow for more information.