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Comment: Bitcoin users didn't all start exchange services (Score 5, Informative) 92

by rebelwarlock (#47754609) Attached to: Early Bitcoin User Interviewed By Federal Officers
Both the summary and headline (on slashdot - it's different on TFA) are a bunch of horseshit. Here's what the headline looks like on TFA:

A Law Enforcement Encounter: If you ran a Bitcoin related service before the thing hit $100 you prolly ought to be somewhat concerned and/or prepared

The rest of the article suggests he was only interviewed because of that service as well. So unless every single early user of bitcoin started up an exchange service, the part we have on slashdot is almost entirely fictional.


Put A Red Cross PSA In Front Of the ISIS Beheading Video 300

Posted by samzenpus
from the for-the-greater-good dept.
Bennett Haselton writes After footage of James Foley's beheading by ISIS terrorists was posted online on Tuesday, Twitter and Youtube elected to remove any footage or links to the footage posted by users. Obviously this reduces the incentive for terrorist groups to post such content, by shrinking their audience, but it also reduces the public's access to information. Would it be ethical to make the content available, if it was preceded by an advertisement for a cause that runs counter to everything ISIS stands for? Read below to see what Bennett has to say.

Comment: Satire is a good way to clean up your friend list (Score 1) 131

by rebelwarlock (#47692991) Attached to: Facebook Tests "Satire" Tag To Avoid Confusion On News Feed
If you played GTA Vice City, you probably remember how utterly insane the political radio interviews were. I once posted as my status a chunk of one of those interviews, and watched people proceed to lose their shit in my general direction. If you don't realize I'm joking when you see me post, "It's simple: if you don't have a job, starve", we probably won't get along very well anyway.

Comment: Re:No, he didn't. (Score 0, Flamebait) 160

by rebelwarlock (#47668309) Attached to: Murder Suspect Asked Siri Where To Hide a Dead Body
Alright, why don't you tell us what actually happened? The linked article said he did. Furthermore, that article linked this one, that actually included a screenshot of the Siri query. That in turn linked this one, which also collaborates the story. So tell us, in all your wisdom, what really happened?

Comment: People hear "Windows 8" and run away (Score 3, Funny) 336

8.1 might be a huge step up, but it doesn't matter. People remember the UI disaster that was Windows 8, and figure 8.1 can't be that much different. It has such a bad reputation, they'll need to call it something else to sell it at this point. Would you even consider having a doctor give you Cancer.1, or would you hear the question and immediately get yourself a new doctor without even finding out what Cancer.1 was?

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