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Comment: I don't get it (Score 1) 196

by rebelwarlock (#47343785) Attached to: How Apple Can Take Its Headphones To the Next Level
Vital stats sensors... for listening to music? How is that helpful to me? If I have a medical condition that requires constant monitoring of my vitals, I'm not going to use Apple bullshit for it - I'm going to use real medical hardware. If I don't have a medical condition that requires constant monitoring of my vitals, why the fuck would I want to constantly monitor my vitals? That shit isn't interesting. It doesn't help me enjoy music. I would rather throw my $30 directly into the trash can, because at least then Apple wouldn't be getting it.

Comment: Apparently they need coddling (Score 1) 374

by rebelwarlock (#47341493) Attached to: Google Is Offering Free Coding Lessons To Women and Minorities
So what Google is saying is that women and minorities need their hands held so they can take their first little baby steps into programming, because their little brains can't handle it on their own like a big white man's brain can. Cut the bullshit. Getting starting in programming isn't hard - there is literally a glut of free resources. If you can't get started in programming, the problem isn't your vagina.

How Tim Cook Is Filling Steve Jobs's Shoes 209

Posted by timothy
from the think-I'd-prefer-a-road-trip-with-jobs dept.
The New York Times, in an article about Apple CEO Tim Cook, focuses in large part on the ways in which Cook is not Jobs. He's less volatile, for one thing, whether you think that means he's less passionate or just more circumspect. A small slice: Lower-level employees praise Mr. Cook’s approachability and intellect. But some say he is less hands-on in developing products than his predecessor. They point to the development of the so-called iWatch — the “smartwatch” that Apple observers are eagerly awaiting as the next world-beating gadget. Mr. Cook is less involved in the minutiae of product engineering for the watch, and has instead delegated those duties to members of his executive cabinet, including Mr. Ive, according to people involved in the project, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to press. Apple declined to comment on the watch project. ... Mr. Cook has also looked outside of Apple for experienced talent. He has hired executives from multiple industries, including Angela Ahrendts, the former head of Burberry, to oversee the physical and online stores, and Paul Deneve, the former Yves Saint Laurent chief executive, to take on special projects. He also hired Kevin Lynch, the former chief technology officer of Adobe, and Michael O’Reilly, former medical officer of the Masimo Corporation, which makes health monitoring devices. Not to mention the music men of Beats.

The Nightmare On Connected Home Street 186

Posted by timothy
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theodp (442580) writes With the battle for the connected home underway, Wired's Mat Honan offered his humorous and scary Friday the 13th take on what life in the connected home of the future might be like. "I wake up at four to some old-timey dubstep spewing from my pillows," Honan begins. "The lights are flashing. My alarm clock is blasting Skrillex or Deadmau5 or something, I don't know. I never listened to dubstep, and in fact the entire genre is on my banned list. You see, my house has a virus again. Technically it's malware. But there's no patch yet, and pretty much everyone's got it. Homes up and down the block are lit up, even at this early hour. Thankfully this one is fairly benign. It sets off the alarm with music I blacklisted decades ago on Pandora. It takes a picture of me as I get out of the shower every morning and uploads it to Facebook. No big deal." Having been the victim of an epic hacking, Honan can't be faulted for worrying.

Comment: Belize (Score 1) 310

When I started programming in PHP 12 years ago, I was still living in Belize. Talk about a place ill-suited to programming. I hear it's better now, but a lot of places barely had electricity back then.

In other news, I've apparently been doing PHP for 12 years. I need to reevaluate my life.

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