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Comment: Prove it (Score 2) 371

by rebelwarlock (#47907931) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor
Comcast is exclusively run by assholes, but I'm not seeing any proof of this statement. People shouldn't get all up in arms about this claim until there's some evidence. I'm sure as hell not going to take some random asshole's word on it - I wouldn't even trust him to tell me if it's raining outside or not.

Comment: The summary is all over the place (Score 3, Insightful) 132

by rebelwarlock (#47862677) Attached to: Paypal Jumps Into Bitcoin With Both Feet
What does Paypal have to do with exposing Satoshi?

As far as the main story goes, I wouldn't call it "jumping in with both feet" when they're not actually even enabling it on Paypal. They're just putting it on Braintree. While that might look like a huge investment, it fits Paypal's hobby budget pretty well.

Comment: I never realized how bad it was (Score 4, Insightful) 131

by rebelwarlock (#47823355) Attached to: Facebook Blamed For Driving Up Cellphone Bills, But It's Not Alone
Have you ever seen documentaries where poor people have to spend hours every day getting clean water, and it just makes you step back and realize how fucking easy you have it to have clean water on tap at all times? That's how I feel looking at the cellphone data situation in the US. I'm paying for the single cheapest cellphone plan I can get here in Taiwan, and I get 1.5gb of data with that. And that limit only kicks in after the first six months of free unlimited data expires.

Sure, the facebook design is absolutely retarded, but I don't come close to my limit despite using facebook as a primary means of communication with most of my friends and family. Point your anger in the right direction.

Comment: Ineffective advertising (Score 3, Interesting) 149

by rebelwarlock (#47790197) Attached to: Dell's New Alienware Case Goes to Extremes To Prevent Overheating
The only way this could have been more blatant of an advertisement is if they had put in a preorder link. Even if it wasn't, their "controlled gap" is just a corner that juts out so you can't push it up against the wall properly. It's just not very impressive in terms of, well, anything.

Besides, I'm pretty sure the slashdot crowd builds their own rigs anyway.

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