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Comment: I don't care about Burning Man (Score 1) 330

by rebelwarlock (#48192483) Attached to: An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man
I'm just here to read the comments about what an utter piece of shit Bennet Hasselhoff is. Seriously, Ben 10 is the least qualified person to write about anything. I'd rather ask a hobo for advice, because at least then I'd be asking and not assaulted with random horseshit from Chris Benoit.

An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man 330

Posted by timothy
from the that-trick's-not-so-weird dept.
Any gathering of 65,000 people in the desert is going to require some major infrastructure to maintain health and sanity. At Burning Man, some of that infrastructure is devoted to a supply chain for ice. Writes Bennett Haselton, The lines for ice bags at Burning Man could be cut from an hour long at peak times, to about five minutes, by making one small... Well, read the description below of how they do things now, and see if the same suggested change occurs to you. I'm curious whether it's the kind of idea that is more obvious to students of computer science who think algorithmically, or if it's something that could occur to anyone. Read on for the rest; Bennett's idea for better triage may bring to mind a lot of other queuing situations and ways that time spent waiting in line could be more efficiently employed.

Comment: Stop owning cars (Score 1) 652

by rebelwarlock (#48080445) Attached to: Living On a Carbon Budget: The End of Recreation As We Know It?
That would solve so many problems. Never going to happen, but since we're talking about making people do silly bullshit because it's cheaper, let's make a list:

- Don't have any pets. They aren't strictly necessary anyway. Sure, they improve our quality of life and many studies show they can increase our lifespan, but fuck that noise.
- Only eat Government Mandated Nutrient Paste. Taste receptors? What are you, a hedonist?
- No more chairs, sofas, etc. You shouldn't be relaxing anyway. Any time spent not working is wasted, and you can work standing. Speaking of which...
- Observe Government Mandated Sleeping Hours. We need you to sleep the exact minimum amount of time to not be worthless.

I could go on, but why bother? This guy is such a complete moron, he probably doesn't even realize my list isn't a collection of sincere advice.

"Irrationality is the square root of all evil" -- Douglas Hofstadter