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Comment: Most pixel art is bullshit (Score 1) 175

by rebelwarlock (#49680351) Attached to: The Decline of Pixel Art
The vast majority of games that employ pixel art do so because they want to have an art budget of $1.50. While some games really wouldn't be the same without it (like Retro City Rampage), I'm pretty sick of seeing every lazy asshole indie dev using pixel art and slapping the word "retro" on their terrible game. It's gotten to the point that pixel art is a good way to weed out games I don't want to play. Turns out you can absolutely judge a book by its cover.

Comment: Re:Idiot Parents (Score 1) 569

> His mother, Brenda Willson, says her son is innocent and does not smoke, drink or have tattoos. "He would never swat," she says.

With a mother as stupid as this, no wonder he's behaving like an asshole.

Remember kids: not having tattoos renders you incapable of committing a crime. Tattoos are satan's personal transport to your butthole, or however we're saying crime happens nowadays. What a retarded way to defend someone's character.

Comment: Star Wars? (Score 2) 72

by rebelwarlock (#49134169) Attached to: Star Wars-Style "Bionic Hand' Fitted To First Patients
Yeah, the bionic hand is great and all, but what in the actual fuck does it have to do with Star Wars? Besides the one throwaway sentence at the start of the article, nothing. Fluffy bullshit is bullshit. Here's a better link (to a PDF) from The Lancet:

No more page views for clickbaiting whores from Telegraph, please.

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