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Comment: Re:Time to shift focus to another kernel? (Score 2) 142

by reashlin (#37308120) Attached to: Linux Kernel Moves To Github

This is not the portability people are on about.

Take a HDD from a Windows machine and put in in another PC, try booting from it. I am convinced in all but specific circumstances it will not boot.

On the other hand, my current home desktop is a pair of software RAIDed disks that have been in 3 seperate computers now (Motherboard, RAM, video and sound output etc.). I have not had a problem doing this. Sure I now use "eth4" as my default network port but nothing else of note is a problem.

Linux's ability to select the correct driver/modules at boot is what enables this.

Comment: Re:Sadly, I think Apple might win on this one (Score 5, Insightful) 656

by reashlin (#37253628) Attached to: Windows 8 To Natively Support ISO and VHD Mounting

Linux will still be there, but how many developers will devote resources to Linux development when Apple and MS can pretty much guarantee them a locked-down, piracy-free platform (even if they do take a cut of the action)?

The same people that do it now - for the same cut they take now. Mostly because people working on such products don't want restricted platforms. They enjoy the ability to install what *they* want too. This crap about protecting me from myself and not letting me install {mal,crap,free,whatever}ware is preposterous and an idea I'd happily see put in the bin.

Comment: Re:NO it depends... (Score 5, Interesting) 664

by reashlin (#36660226) Attached to: Retailer Calls Rivals' Bluff On "HDMI Scam"

Network speeds will degrade with poor quality cables. This is because data will become corrupt and be re-sent. Speeds "appear" to decrease because the ratio of data:noise will decrease.

With HDMI there is no "re-sending" of data. So when the corrupt data comes through, no picture comes through.

You _will_ _not_ get a lower quality picture from a cheap HDMI picture. You will get no picture at all.

Comment: Re:Really bad idea. (Score 1) 1173

by reashlin (#36658988) Attached to: Roundabout Revolution Sweeping US
Actually the magic roundabout works pretty well. I ride a motorbike across it several times a week (any bike rider knows the hazards of cars swapping lanes etc. on a roundabout) and I can't say I've ever had a problem. You do have to look around a lot more, but there is little reason to slow down more than you would for any other roundabout.

Comment: Re:I'm so over these stupid shiny plastic discs (Score 2, Insightful) 170

by reashlin (#30084972) Attached to: Future Blu-ray Movies To Come With Playable Game Demos
Oh I get it, your so sick of moving from format to format, media to media, license to license that your ready to jump ship from Blu-ray to a subscription download service. Good on ya.

You'd be better off just keeping the old 'players' around and not jumping on every new bandwagon that rolls into town. You can still buy decent combined DVD/VHS players so its won't likely take up too much space on that front. I'm sure you've still got your 360 around and likely a PS3. So I don't see why you have to replace anything.

Comment: Re:What's next? (Score 5, Interesting) 645

by reashlin (#29832623) Attached to: Singer In Grocery Store Ordered To Pay Royalties
I admit I'd like to know more about the case - I've not found anywhere detailing what she was singing. But in this case your argument is flawed.

The woman had already had her radio taken away as the shop did not have a license to broadcast either CDs (which they had paid for) or Radio (which is already paid for - either by the BBCs 'cat all television license' or by advertising). This form of double payment is incredulous at best, in cases such as these where a claim is being made the business should pay extra to act as a proxy for a service designed to increase add revenue to the industry (Why is the music industry not paying private businesses to play the music in promotion?).

With nothing else to listen too the woman would sing while stacking the shelves. How is that going to encourage business in a local corner shop. I have no doubt she is an aweful singer. Second to that, how is this costing the music industry anything? What losses are they claiming back?

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