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Comment Re:VCs who miss the point of open source... (Score 1) 93

OK, but if you read the whole article, it really sounds more like he's arguing that you - as a develop and creator - should not take money from a VC. VC's bring money, but they also bring hidden costs. They are completely inappropriate if you actually care about your business. They are looking for an exit. If you're not, then don't behold yourself to people who disagree.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter anyway (Score 2) 139

Actually, you can patent game mechanics (in the USA at least). What you can't do is use copyright to impose restrictions on someone duplicating your game's mechanics without duplicating the wording or presentation.

"Gloof and Ploff are Awesome" - intellectual property
"Ugg and Sug are Awesome" - gets around Trademark, but likely infringes copyright
"Ugg+Sug=Awesome" - free use unless the mechanics themselves are patented.

Comment Re:The definition of insanity? (Score 1) 145

It's a practical, rather than ideological approach. Sometimes the weather conflates with pollution to make the situation worse. Sometimes, international event planning predicates a necessity to be extra clean on some particular date. This is when China intervenes. They are addressing practical problems without becoming ideologically driven about them. America has had some more years of political development for its leadership to realize the need for ideology to drive practical change. That's why we have emotionally-driven politics. Otherwise, no one looks up from the internet long enough to know what's going on.

Comment Re:Marketing (Score 4, Informative) 159

I'm not saying the curators of PHP aren't semi-retarded, but the reason they jumped over 6 is because 6 was basically a complete failure. They planned it out, but never managed to deliver. Anything important or useful in v6 was implemented in v5 point releases, and when it came time to put out a new major version, the number 6 had connotations that were undesirable.

So, I don't think "marketing war" is a fair characterization.

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