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Comment: Re:He doesn't understand net nutrality. (Score 1) 270

You have an idealized model of commerce. The reality is internet is like a utility. Ever experience a electricity brownout? Those happen specifically because utility companies are permitted to manage their networks how they see fit. They can reduce capacity as needed to improve the experience for everyone.

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by reanjr (#47244607) Attached to: Bitcoin Security Endangered By Powerful Mining Pool

The BTC network power went past the point where the only entity with the resources to take control like that is the US government. Maybe not even them anymore. But it would be such a vast investment in hardware, the bill for such an endeavor to the American taxpayer would be difficult to get past congress.

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Signatures are typically only for larger purchases. When you buy a pack of gum with a credit card, you almost never have to supply a signature. Also, in the US we buy packs of gum with credit cards, which is not really easy to do a lot of places outside of the US, with minimum purchases requirements.

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