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Comment A more interesting question... (Score 2, Interesting) 889

What Linux-only apps would you like to see available on Windows?

I honestly can't think of any. Almost all the useful apps available for Linux are available for Windows, too. And what's left is mostly Linux-specific system-management stuff.

And THAT is the problem with Linux on the desktop. There simply aren't any compelling applications that aren't ALSO available for Windows or OS X. Yes, security is good (though ACL support still sucks, which is ridiculous), and not having to worry about viruses is nice, too. But those are secondary concerns, honestly.

Comment Re:So now we have a new paradox... (Score 1) 172

He's not trying to "solve" anything, dumbass. He's trying to figure out how the universe works.

If information isn't *actually* destroyed by a black hole, that's something new about the universe that we didn't know. It's a new discovery.

Not all science is about "solving" things. In fact, almost none of it is.

Comment THIS is a "golden age"? Yikes. (Score 2, Insightful) 71

I'm sorry, the fan-made "Star Trek" stuff is terrible, because the actors are terrible. It's as simple as that. They get pretty much everything right, otherwise, but without decent actors, it doesn't matter. I mean, the acting is high-school-level bad.

Good actors are rare. It's an ability you're born with, I think. You have to have "presence", and the right voice, and the right mannerisms...none of the actors on these shows have ANY of that.

Comment It's interesting, but... (Score 1) 116

Unless they can get a bunch of developer on-board for *native* games, then nobody will care.

The "streaming games" thing is a red-herring. For some reason, everyone seems to think it's a great idea, and it *is*, but not as the PRIMARY way to play games. Especially if you need a fairly powerful PC with an Nvidia card to do so. Streaming over the internet is okay, but it's SO dependent on your connection quality (and your bandwidth limits). It can work, though, obviously. But I wouldn't want to be stuck with it for AAA titles.

Still, for $199, they might have something here - a relatively cheap and powerful console that runs Android software could be pretty cool. It would almost be like a return to the old "home computer" days.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score -1, Troll) 375

Of course assholes and trolls will fuck it up. And Google will fix it.

I think this is a great idea. No, it won't be perfect. But de-ranking sites that are full of lies and misinformation? That makes sense.

Of course, conservatives will hate this, since lying is how they stay in power.

You want your site to be ranked highly? You better check your sources.

Comment Re:Copyright issue? (Score 5, Interesting) 285

I thought the same thing.

The VAST majority of pornographic images/videos on the various sites are being used without permission (as the joke goes "Who pays for porn on the internet?"). The porn industry has been more aggressive in trying to stop that in recent years. Google either got a pile of DMCA notices from some porn producers, or is trying to AVOID getting DMCA notices.

Comment This whole thing is a disaster waiting to happen (Score 4, Interesting) 233

But...I can't decide if that bothers me or not. The sheer *audacity* of this project impresses me. I kind of want to see it happen.

Unfortunately, the mission is basically a death-sentence for the people involved. And not because of the one-way nature of the mission, but because the people behind this don't have a clue. I would be amazed if anybody actually made it to Mars alive. Hell, I'll be amazed if they make it into space alive.

Comment Wow, that actually looks decent (Score 1, Flamebait) 84

KDE has always had great functionality, but the actual *look* of it was always clunky-as-hell. Too many typefaces, too many buttons/widgets, and nothing ever seemed to "fit" correctly. It was just half-assed. Shiny, but half-assed.

This looks good. Maybe KDE will finally have the polished look-and-feel that Gnome (and the spin-offs) have had for 15 years now.

Comment Re:I can see it coming . . . (Score 5, Interesting) 176


I hope Google does this.

"Oh, you're suing us? You want us to be a copyright enforcement agency? Fine. We're not going to index ANY of your stuff. Or the stuff of any of your divisions. Or any of the stuff of any companies you have a controlling interest in. Plus, we're going to block their networks from accessing any of our services. Good luck."

Comment Yeah, so? (Score 4, Insightful) 215

You *should* have a working prototype before you expect to get money.

Yes, it's difficult to build a prototype when you don't have funds. Welcome to the Real World, asshole. It's not easy to produce/market a new product. Kickstarter has made it *easier*, but it's not a magic bullet. It briefly *was* a magic bullet before people got smart and realized that giving money away for something that has almost no chance of ever being a real product was silly.

Comment Re:magicJack alternative? (Score 2) 162

They don't profit directly, but having a database of Google accounts tied to phone numbers that those accounts called/received calls from is pretty valuable, if you are selling advertising. Which, of course, is Google's real business.

You have to remember that EVERYTHING Google does is about gathering information on people, to build a picture of what kind of products those people might buy, and showing advertisements to those people. EVERYTHING.

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