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+ - Being Hunted By a Microsoft Recruiter->

Submitted by workohol
workohol (892230) writes "Anyone with a resume online has probably been contacted by a Microsoft recruiter. The headhunters that Microsoft employs could best be described as ... persistent. A friend recently had his first encounter with one. This recruiter deployed some interesting tactics, making a terribly funny blunder while trying to convince him to join the team."
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+ - Bulk Shopping Amazon - Payment Options?

Submitted by realjordanna
realjordanna (892230) writes "I recently began implementing an application on top of's e-commerce web service in the hopes of leveraging the new Amazon Payment's tool to purchase large amounts of used books. I found that does not support Amazon Payments — what a vote in confidence! Are there any solutions to aggregate hundreds of online purchases from stores such as Amazon such that they show up as a single credit card charge so as not to trigger credit card fraud protection? Right now, I see no way of doing it — the credit card companies won't lift the restrictions — but there must be a way to bulk shop websites like Amazon even if Amazon doesn't have a built in solution. Ideas anyone?"

+ - Amazon's troubles with payment options

Submitted by FreedomOfChoice
FreedomOfChoice (892230) writes "Amazon is having undisclosed problems with their payment providers. In letters to customers who have contacted customer service, Amazon states they have have disabled payments by bank account because of problems with payment providers. Customers who make a large number of purchases from third-party merchants cannot use credit cards because such orders are almost always marked as fraud (rightfully so), so Amazon has effectively and discretely turned off these customer's only option for making purchases. Given the limited options for making payments on Amazon, is it time they adopt more (Paypal, Google Checkout)?"

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