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Journal: I'm done.

Journal by realdpk

-1, Flamebait

That's it. I'm done with slashdot.

I don't know how many times they feel the need to post the same flamebait articles ("Microsoft employee doesn't think Linux is secure, film at 11!"). It's completely uninteresting garbage, it shares no knowledge, and the comments people post as followups are almost nothing but garbage.

How about this gem? Sirius announces that it wanted to but didn't hook up with iPod. How is a non-event news?

How about the repeated announcements of FreeBSD's releases, only to be premature by at least a couple of days, every time?

I could go on, but that'd mean expending more energy.

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Journal: Free*.com, gmail invites 1 1

Journal by realdpk

If you're wondering why you may have ended up on my foes list, it is probably because of obnoxiously placed Freeipod or freeflatscreen or whatever dot com links, or an offer announcing the availability of gmail invites. (i.e.: not in your signature, the viewing of which can be disabled in preferences)

Both have arisen to the level of spam.

Anyone remember AllAdvantage? Ugh.


I've decided to expand the foe listings to include those that have free*.com links in their signatures.

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Journal: Sweaty Butt Syndrome (SBS) 7 7

Journal by realdpk

I'm hoping that one day, SBS will no longer plague me and probably countless Americans. For now however, I just need to find a way to avoid it.

I have one of those cloth office chairs at work, and after sitting for a few hours I can't help but feel uncomfortably/overly sweaty. This is probably going to get me flamed on /., but I doubt I'm the only one with this problem.

Has anyone found a good chair that can help to avoid this situation? Maybe it has vents or something? Searching Google/Froogle hasn't led to any useful results. Btw, I can't spend a lot of money on this, unfortunately.

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