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Comment: Re:Uber this! (Score 1) 302 302

If you think their getting invaded has anything to do with the French troops and not who was invading them, you really do need to brush up on your history.

Also, the government already promised to do something about Uber, and then didn't. Hence the protests and the response. Protests such as these are common in France and especially in Paris, and have been throughout the centuries.

It sounds like you know very little about France's history, and thought to wade in and let everyone know. How considerate.

Comment: Re:Uber this! (Score 1) 302 302

That's so when people get in a taxi they know the car is insured for any accidents, and it is in good working condition, not to mention background checks and extra training (in some countries, it doesn't sound like yours). Without the medallion system this is still the case. You seem to be confusing several issues, making a blunderbuss attempt to make your point, and failing miserably. Ouch.

Comment: Re:a hollow gesture from the cloistered elite (Score 1) 273 273

I see you are confused. Yes, the climate changes. What's worrying is not that it's changing, but that it's changing so fast. Yes, coastlines rise and fall without humanity, but when the world depends on cities built on the coast, you can see that it's rather worrisome that we as a species are doing everything we can to ensure they will be flooded at some point. Humanity would not be "fine" if we had the CO2 levels of the Eocene - our staple crops rely on being grown where they currently are, and rely on the current amount of CO2. The more CO2, the less nutritious they are, requiring more of them to be grown. The warming means the viable land suitable for agriculture will shift towards the poles, often onto poor soil (thanks to glaciation and other natural processes) and without the necessary infrastructure that humanity has built up over the last 50 years, and often over international borders, creating political problems as well as humanitarian ones.

But I'm sure your half-assed, factually incorrect assumptions are true. Yeah. Definitely.

Comment: Re:Good on him (Score 1) 273 273

There has been warming, though, which should tell you that you need to get your science information from better sources, lest you look like an idiot by parroting bullshit you heard other people claim. Or not. It's actually good for others that you are so ill-informed, as those who actually want to discuss science can see you have no idea, and can easily ignore you without losing anything of value.

Comment: Re:Fucking leftards. (Score 1) 302 302

Government decides to curb Uber's activities, as they operate outside of the law. The government refuses to do so, so the taxi drivers participate in the oldest French activity - protesting. The government listens, and decides it should do what it said it would have done. As people are innocent until proven guilty, you'll find most people are innocent when they are arrested. But whatever - you've got your narrative, so stick with it!

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