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Comment Re:Welcome! (Score 0) 1083

Its nice to see that there is some social progression being made in a country that has had such rocky times lately.

I think the rocky times are because there is some social progress (and social regress in terms of inequality). Those who don't like it are kicking back.

Likewise I see a lot of the middle east unrest and even the rise of ISIL (and maybe AQ) to be due the the fact that TV & the Internet now allow a lot of people to see that others have moved forward.

Comment Just walk through the call tree (Score 1) 479

I just go through the call tree just like any unskilled end user. Their system is set up for that and it's faster than trying to escalate (everybody tries that). Once you exhaust their simple triage they'll usually replace the hardware. Don't forget that the front line support probably doesn't undertsand your problem and might in fact be doing front line support for many companies, so it only playing attention to the computer screen.

Extreme example: I had a weird hardware problem with a brand of well known laptops. Showed it to a friend who had worked on the board layout for that laptop -- he got super excited. Best way to get it to him? I went through front line support, including trying to bot it with various key combos held down etc: they verified it was broken and swapped it out -- and my friend was able to flag the S/N and get the machine for analysis. I didn't claim to know anything more than "it doesn't work" and as a result it was quick

BTW he claimed they changed the design as a result but how would I know?

Comment The US went metric man many years ago (Score 1) 830

The US has been a signatory to the Metric convention for years -- longer than the UK I believe though I could't rapidly find reference on the net. In addition the inch was fixed at precisely 2.54 cm (we'd say 25.4 mm these days) 56 years ago. So Americans are already metric.

I am not much of a fan of the metric system, actually. I do use celsius (mainly because I , and do engineering with it, but for day to day use (fixing a stair, cooking etc) I find the customary units superior.

And I curse whatever god (Finnagle?) put five digits on each limb! Should have been six. Even four would have been superior.

Comment Re:Obviously.. (Score 1) 443

vi is, of course, just ed.

The original Emacs (for the PDP-10) had a special mode for slow terminals and even teletypes. It worked surprisingly well assuming you had some internal model of what you were editing anyway, but in such situations I found it easier to simply edit directly in TECO (which is what Emacs was written in).

Comment Re:Good. +1 for Google. (Score 1) 176

The fix? Part of it would probably say prompt the user on the device to install the relevant CAs for their geographic region. If on mainland China, having a CA for the HK post office makes sense. Not so in the US, unless one travels abroad or has a lot of business with Chinese sites.

That doesn't make a lot of sense. .com domains are issued worldwide, and I am glad to have the choice of CAs to use for my com and org domains. And if I go to a .cn site I would like to know it's trusted.

The rest of your message does make sense. But to my case above: how do I know it's trusted? There's no explicit endorsement.

Comment I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means (Score 3, Interesting) 317

...and the user will be made to read Facebook's suicide prevention materials.

Unless they track them down and go all clockwork-orange on them I don't really see how the user can be "made" to do anything. They can just you know, put down the phone and shoot themselves.

In fact a coworker lost a friend this way last week. Apparently he (the victim) had been talking to his friends about it for hours on FB and then killed himself. I assume this is all actually FB trying to stave off lawsuits, but I don't see that they could do more, nor that they could afford to ignore the issue.

Comment My experience: go for it (Score 1) 734

My case was similar to yours: my wife and I are from different countries and for work reasons we had to move to the U.S. while my wife was pregnant so our child was born there. Yes there's some paperwork but really it's mostly irrelevant since we only dig up that passport when entering the usa. And he has the right to live and work in lots of places when he grows up. Who knows what the world will look like in 50 years? It might be handy.

Comment I don't get it (Score 1) 146

As an Emacs user since the late 70s I don't really see the appeal. It's nice that it doesn't have all that crud like a numeric keyboard or arrow keys and the like, but since I never take my hands away from the keybaord anyway those things are simply distractions. Meanwhile a smaller space bar isn't a winner.

But nice mechanical keys are good.


Comment Re:systemd (Score 2, Funny) 592

I presume by the end of this year we'll have systemd running on bare iron, handing off to emacs, which then allows you to run instances of Linux in different buffers.

(Why yes I am a lifelong emacs user which means I am allowed to make fun of it)

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