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Comment Smells of racism (or is it the outsourcing?) (Score 0, Flamebait) 555

Is it the agony of losing jobs to India that's making this tim guy say this?Is he being racist?Or is it the typical ingorance of the american simpleton? Did he forget to RTFA himself?Is it the fact that living in Seattle is showing up on the poor soul (what with the M$ winds blowing from that direction?)
It's time to boot out such ignorant, partonizing frustrated individuals from slashdot(or boycott slashdot itself for having allowed such arrogant statements). Speaks volumes about the incompetent editors of slashdot, doesn't it? They would probably prove that they're unbiased by letting through future posts that speak of
"Some black american guy who plays a bit of Basketball" or "some fag from princeton who keeps jabbering about game theory" or "some american chess guy who's running round the globe to save his ass".
Such posts are in real bad taste, to say the least, and the editors are showing their pathetic standards by letting them through. STFW for Srinivasa Ramanujam, read through his findings, (given your negative IQ , you might spend the next decade of your life trying to comprehend what he put together in a year) and you'll know the enormity of the achievements of "Indian math guy".
Installing Fedora core doesn't make you a genius, wise one.

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