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Comment: OWC? (Score 2) 353

by rduke15 (#46654151) Attached to: An SSD for Your Current Computer May Save the Cost of a New One (Video)

They may have fine SSDs, but the ones I bought to add to 2 mac minis were ridiculously slow for SSDs. Around 80 MBps read/write according to BlackMagic's disk speed test. Not faster than the original normal drive that came with the machines. In one of the Mac minis, I replaced the OWC with a Samsung, and it's much faster (I forgot how much, but certainly over 120 MBps).

So in conclusion, yes, SSD may improve performance, but only if they are fast SSDs. Some aren't and won't make a big difference. (and when they fail, they tend to do so without warning and completely, so be sure to always have backups).

+ - Income Inequality Through Assortative Mating: Marry Up->

Submitted by retroworks
retroworks (652802) writes "While tax laws, minimum wages, and patent extension are frequently blamed for the rising gap between "haves and have nots", an international economics study finds another simple factor behind income inequality. Marriage. As gender equality has improved in the professional workplace, paired incomes don't occur randomly. "Better educated people are increasingly more likely to marry other better-educated people while those with less formal schooling are more likely to choose a less well-educated partner." Using Census data, the (UPenn directed) researchers found that "across the board, the income gap between couples with relatively high and those with relatively low levels of education had widened substantially since 1960 relative to the average household income... the relative earnings of couples with high school degrees had fallen by 20 percentage points relative to the average while the household incomes of highly educated husbands and wives had increased by 43 points."

The Economist notes, " The economic incentive to marry your peers has increased. A woman with a graduate degree whose husband dropped out of high school in 1960 could still enjoy household income 40% above the national average; by 2005, such a couple would earn 8% below it." And in Slate, Matthew Iglesias puts it in terms a nerd can related to. "She likes Doctor Who; I like Star Trek...But one thing about us is pretty similar: We both went to fancy colleges full of people with high SAT scores. And in that regard, we’re pretty typical." Perhaps "Natural Selection" is the best explanation for rising college tuition, and increasing student debt."

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Comment: plain short scripts (Score 1) 445

by rduke15 (#46308879) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Passwords?

plain text file in a Truecrypt volume, and little scripts to query/add to the file. It used to be batch scripts when I used Windows. Now I use bash in Linux, which should also work on Mac. The "t" script is to mount the Truecrypt volume if needed.

$ cat `which p`
[ -d /media/truecrypt1 ] || t on

# accept up to 3 arguments, and filter on all 3
if [ -z "$2" ]; then
        grep -ni "$1" /media/truecrypt1/p
        grep -ni "$1" /media/truecrypt1/p | grep -i "$2" | grep -i "$3"

$ cat `which padd`
[ -d /media/truecrypt1 ] || t on
echo `date +%F` " $@" >>/media/truecrypt1/p

Comment: Re:so what free codec can/should I use? (Score 2) 235

by rduke15 (#46256999) Attached to: FLOSS Codecs Emerge Victorious In Wikimedia Vote

You are obviously not one of the people who needs to work with these videos, but I'm still interested in learning which "21st century cross platform container format" you would recommend, that anyone and their uncle is able to open (without calling me on the phone first).

I don't like QT much either, but what else can play back ProRes and H264, move frame-by-frame (including backwards), and display timecode and frame numbers?

Comment: so what free codec can/should I use? (Score 1) 235

by rduke15 (#46256803) Attached to: FLOSS Codecs Emerge Victorious In Wikimedia Vote

My question is unrelated to wikimedia, but this seems like the right place to discuss the alternatives to h264/mp4.

I often have to encode videos to send to a few people. Most are computer-illiterate, and it needs to "just work". So I use H264 in Quicktime .mov, because most users have Macs, and those who have Windows definitely have Quicktime installed. I guess .m4v might also work as a container, except it doesn't have a timecode track.

But for the codec, is there a realistic alternative to H264 today? A format which can fit a feature-length HD movie in high quality in a file under 4GB so that it fits on any USB stick including FAT32, and that anyone can read?

+ - When & how we discovered the Earth was round.

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "Forget going to space and seeing its roundness, forget Magellan and his circumnavigation of the globe. Forget even Christopher Columbus, even though you wouldn't be alone if you were taught that in school. Contrary to popular belief, this question wasn’t settled in the 1400s or 1500s, but more than 2,000 years ago, in the ancient world! And what’s perhaps most amazing? It was done using nothing more than the Sun, and it measured the size of the Earth, too. An amazing historical-and-scientific read, along with one more reason that Columbus should be mostly forgotten, "His estimates, that he used to convince others that one could sail from Europe directly to India (were the Americas non-existent), were absurdly small! Had the Americas not existed, Columbus and his crew surely would have starved before reaching Asia!""

Comment: Re:I see a lot of discussion about systemd (Score 2) 379

by rduke15 (#46206737) Attached to: Debian Technical Committee Votes For Systemd Over Upstart

You are thinking server. Linux is also about the desktop.

Are you kidding?

How many servers run Linux?
How many Desktops?
Who cares about Linux (who is the "audience" for Linux)?

My main machine is actually a Linux notebook. It's a pretty miserable desktop, but it's OK for what I do, and I have the comfort of a real shell, and real keyboard with all the keys, and can try out sonme server stuff on my notebook. But I could replace it with a Mac or Windows notebook if necessary.

Where I really care about Linux is on servers. Headless servers, with neither Gnome nor KDE installed.

Until now, I heard that systemd would boot faster. Maybe it has some other benefits for servers, but boot spped is certainly not one of them. The servers spend much more time in the BIOS screens than booting the OS, and they reboot about once a year or less. So to convince me, it will need much more than a few seconds of boot speed...

Comment: Anyway (Score 5, Interesting) 253

by rduke15 (#46206535) Attached to: A Corporate War Against a Scientist, and How He Fought Back

Tyrone Hayes [...] began to display signs of apparent paranoia over a decade ago. [...] But he wasn't paranoid

“Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you”
        -- Joseph Heller (?)

“Paranoia is just having the right information.”
        -- William S. Burroughs

Comment: It doesn't matter and won't affect me (Score 3, Insightful) 731

by rduke15 (#45992679) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are AdBlock's Days Numbered?

It may not be obvious to the /. crowd, but nobody uses ad blockers. Of the people I know, I am the only one who does.

If a website goes to the trouble of preventing ad blockers for such a tiny demographic, chances are high that I'm not interested in their "content" anyway (if there is any).

Comment: TC is usually still mounted after sleep anyway (Score 2) 222

by rduke15 (#45971419) Attached to: TrueCrypt Master Key Extraction and Volume Identification

TruCrypt can be written to automatically unmount the 'drive' as the computer goes to sleep

It could, but it isn't. I was shocked to discover that my TC volume was still mounted after resuming from sleep. After all, notebooks get stolen, and that is why I have my passwords and SSH keys in a TrueCrypt volume. And notebooks are not normally shut down but put in sleep mode instead. So I discovered that the way Truecrypt worked made it's encryption quite irrelevant...

I fixed the problem on my Ubuntu notebook with a "tc-unmount" script in /etc/pm/sleep.d/ but I guess not many people do that. In Windows, I think there is a configuration setting for unmounting on sleep, but it was not enabled by default last time I looked.

So, while it may sound impressive that it is possible to extract the keys from RAM, it is usually unnecessary. The volume may simply be mounted and directly accessible, even after sleep.

Comment: Re:Being able to do the same things is irrelevant (Score 1) 292

by rduke15 (#45656053) Attached to: JPMorgan Files Patent Application On 'Bitcoin Killer'

That sounds so weird that it is hard to believe.

If you cannot transfer money to your friend's account, how can you transfer any money to any account? And if you cannot transfer money to another account, then why do you have a bank account at all? That doesn't make sense.

Maybe what you mean is that you could do it free of charge, and that now there is a small transaction fee, even if both accounts are in the same bank?

Or maybe the redesigned their web pages and you didn't find the correc page page for transfers to another account?

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