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Journal rdewald's Journal: Ask Slashdot: Open-source Help Desk software 6

I am about to become the manager of the help-desk for a company with about 200 users. I want to implement help-desk management software from day 1, and I want to keep it open-source and free (as in speech). I have a LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP5) server available to me (Debian etch stable). Any recommendations?

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Ask Slashdot: Open-source Help Desk software

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  • Good choice to go with LAMP. My company is in the throes of converting to Oracle for our *everything* and it's horrible. Perhaps this is more the fault of the consultants than the software, but....
  • by Doctor O (549663)
    I'd vote for RT [bestpractical.com] which is an enterprise-grade GPLed ticket tracking and knowledgebase system. I have never installed it and used it only a few times, but I know our ISP uses RT and is *very* pleased with it. The fact that you can hook in your own backend stuff is also a plus, if you're into that kind of thing.

    List of features here [bestpractical.com].
    • by rdewald (229443) *
      Thanks, that looks like a really good lead.
      • by Doctor O (549663)
        You're welcome. The really great thing is that you can have people send e-mail to it and it automagically makes tickets out of those. It also detects replies to existing tickets and is quite good at that.

        Keep us posted on how it's going. :)

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