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Comment Re:This time... (Score 1) 98

Reason number 9,862 why that TPP is a terrible idea, and will only help multinational corporations instead of the actual citizens.

All it would take is to find a way to automatically pit corps one against the other, and watch how long it'd take before those dumb laws are pulled. But I'm not bright enough to think of a way.

Comment Re:Oh good, a reason (Score 1) 327

What are Trump and Cruz's views on NSA mass surveillance? I doubt that either oppose it but I'm happy to be proven wrong. Rubio's comments don't seem, on the surface, to be out of whack with 99% of Republicans. I'd be surprised if other current candidates considered by most to not be insane strongly disagree with him on this. (Yeah, Rand Paul might, but he's already dropped out, and in any case...)

What makes Rubio more attractive than those two are that he's not on the theocratic wing, unlike Cruz, and... well, he's not Trump.

Comment OCR that shit (Score 0) 117

Something that should have been done years ago:
  • Grab a 1st version of the page with the usual google user-agent
  • Grab the same page with an innocuous and most common user-agent
  • Render that 2nd page in common browser engines (MSIE, Firefox...), including images
  • Screen-grab it
  • OCR the result (including the images in case there's text on them)
  • Compare the OCRed text with the original
  • If there's too much difference, lower the pagerank

This would solve problems of white-on-white text, text in images, pages different for robots than for us mortals, shit JS, etc...

Comment Re:Want big Hollywood movies? Eliminate Hollywood (Score 1) 135

I'm sure the majority of actors would love what you're saying. Most actors don't get anything close to a living wage.

Now, sure, a few lead actors do, but then they're worth it. They pull people in to watch the movie so that it's capable of making its money back and paying something slightly less shitty to the other actors.

The other problem with the "We don't want actors earning outrageous salaries like $250,000 per movie!" (seriously, that's actually not unusual for a headliner) argument is it ignores context. Acting is a shitty career. If you're unsuccessful - and you probably will be - you'll end up leaving penniless. If you succeed, well, you have an expiration date (not a massive market for older people in Hollywood) after which you'll probably be incapable of useful employment because you just wasted ten years on a combination pretending to be someone else, and serving customers at cafes to make ends meet. You'll have next to no useful skills, beyond being available for bit roles in TV shows.

I'm not saying Hollywood is the most efficient of money making industries, but the salaries, at least, are, if anything, too small, largely because it relies upon unrealistic eager dreamers hoping they'll win the popularity lottery and get to be the next Brandon Routh or Kate Bosworth.

Comment Re:No use fighting it (Score 1) 135

I wasn't being harsh, I was being charitable. "New and recent releases" are the ones studios are most guarded about. Those are the movies they're expecting to still make quite a bit on DVD sales and TV payments. Commercially so-so movies from the 1980s (think "They Live" rather than "Blade Runner") are exactly the kind of thing you'd expect them to give away licenses at low cost.

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