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Submission How to make Open Source buisness models viable for early Startups?

rchoetzlein writes: "I am software developer working independently for 5 years on various projects, and preparing to go public with my first product. Everyone is telling me I should make it Open Source. I would love to, but I just don't see how an early startup can afford to become profitable on service alone. My projects are no longer small scale hobbies, they are large frameworks, and I need to make a living. Any ideas on business models that would allow me to open source while guaranteeing I can feed myself?"

Comment Too few good ones (Score 1) 214

The main problem is good, inspirational, games are still the exception rather than the standard.

Most games published are just re-hashes of previous ones. Poor game play, a guy with a gun.. I played FarCry 2 recently, and while the graphics was great, it was boooring. Yet another shooter. HalfLife 2, good game, but similar scenario. The best game i played recently, Armadillo Run (IGF winner), and its not an industry game.

Unfortunately this is the standard from the big industry players. Shooters, sports, space games with bulky main characters, and sex fem supporting roles. Boooring.. Detrimental to society? Perhaps not directly. But definitely indirectly. Its like watching television. Ok, it shouldn't be illegal, but do you really want your kids watching it all the time.

There are a few exceptions. Too few.

Comment Water (Score 1) 736

Water is fuel
The oceans catch on fire
Major problem


Latest technology transforms
Stupid people into smart ones
Most simply vanish


M = 2 gals water. E = very large.
It could work.


Water made into fuel!
Other liquids made into quantum computers.
Car becomes self-aware,
with tummy ache.


Water burns efficiently
Tech journalists self-combust
World still using gas

Two is not equal to three, even for large values of two.