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+ - TurboTax sells access to your data->

Submitted by rcharbon
rcharbon (123915) writes "I had the apparently naive expectation that I’d retain some small scrap of privacy by using the TurboTax desktop app instead of the web version. However, their failure to keep a certificate revocation list up to date revealed that Intuit installs third-party cookies from Neustar, an ad service that “provides audience insights that increase online advertising relevancy through the power of verified offline consumer data.”"
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Comment: Facebook is just one company among many (Score 1) 497

by rcharbon (#45095555) Attached to: Cost of $634 Million — So Far
When comparing the cost of to IT costs for private enterprises, Facebook is one data point but don't forget all the money spent on startups that failed. We The People have already received infinitely more return on our money than those people did. In other words, dumb comparison.

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