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Comment: How will it determine if assistance is needed? (Score 3, Insightful) 212

by rcasha2 (#40538801) Attached to: EU Parliament Adopts eCall Resolution

One problem is: How will it tell apart a serious accident in which people were hurt, and one in which the car was damaged but the people inside were unscathed. Once it gets installed in all cars, this could result in emergency services rushing to places where they are not needed, wasting time.

Comment: Google, Facebook etc. should block India (Score 2) 160

by rcasha2 (#38721936) Attached to: Facebook, Google Argue Against Web Censorship In India

Since the court said that Google/FB/others must filter their content or be blocked, these sites should go along with the latter option and block all requests coming from India. It shouldn't take long for India to be clamouring to be let back in and offering that judge's head on a platter as a peace offering.

Comment: Google / FB should play along (Score 1) 146

by rcasha2 (#38703826) Attached to: India OKs Censoring Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo

If any court in any country passes an actual enforceable sentence like this, Google, Facebook and other similar websites should actually help the court implement its decision by blocking all requests coming from that country/region and redirecting them to Disney or TeleTubbies or something like that.

They can reverse that decision when the country stops behaving like a baby and comes begging to be let back in, ideally with the judge's head on a platter as a peace offering.

Comment: I don't want my PC to think it's a mobile phone! (Score 1) 798

by rcasha2 (#37904382) Attached to: Are Power Users Too Cool For Ubuntu Unity?

Unity was supposed to be a user interface for all devices (hence the name). But I don't want an interface that is the lowest common denominator between my dual-screen laptop and my touchscreen mobile. They're not the same, I don't want them to be the same. I want to customise my PC. I want these icons to be right there, and not here, and I want this panel to be at the bottom, with the clock on this corner. I don't care if Mark Shuttleworth thinks it looks prettier in the middle.

I had been really happy with Ubuntu right until the arrival of Unity. The previous version at least allowed you to stick to "classic Gnome", but now even that has been f'ed up to make it look more like Unity (who was the brains behind that idea?).

Unity is the best thing going for Linux Mint right now - it's driving loads of people from Ubuntu to their distro.

Comment: This makes no sense (Score 1) 1345

by rcasha2 (#37550718) Attached to: Science and Religion Can and Do Mix, Mostly
You should say "NOT discarding the moral teachings that have been handed down over thousands of years is equally ridiculous."

According to the moral teachings of thousands of years ago, slavery (of others) is great, stoning people to death for worshipping the wrong god is ok, and if you're short of cash, selling your daughter is perfectly reasonable. The only reason that most modern religions manage to come up with a decent code of morality is if they discard all the so-called morality in their holy books and come up with a new code of morality, then ascribe it to the same god.

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