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Comment: Re:Intel (Score 1) 294

by rcamans (#47806823) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux-Friendly Desktop x86 Motherboard Manufacturers?

All new CPUs / chipsets REQUIRE the latest distros to work well.
An example is the driver for the Ivy Bridge EDAC is only in kernel 3.13 or so, and without it you can get a lot of spurious memory errors reported.
Also true of firmware and drivers.
And the distros do NOT include the latest drivers, so you have to work at it.

Comment: Re:That wasn't the question (Score 1) 461

by rcamans (#46824895) Attached to: Supreme Court OKs Stop and Search Based On Anonymous 911 Tips

By rival drug gang, are you referring to the police, DEA, the Bloods, the Crips, or some other government agency like the big Mexican cartels?
The way this violates his rights is that he cannot confront his accuser in a court of law (as if we actually had courts of law, instead of kangaroo courts).
And it was probably his ex-girlfriend, who dumped him and wanted more satisfaction. Or a hooker he stiffed for the cost of the blow job.
Or a girl he honked at.

Comment: Real climate science versus McGill "science" (Score 1) 869

The climate cycles on Earth are hundreds of thousands to millions of years long, with smaller variations separated by hundreds to thousands of years. Lesser and major ice ages are examples. So the Lovejoy McGill study is irrelevant in terms of climate science. Climate science is something very few climate "scientists" do. That said, cutting down forests and burning forests is removing a major source of carbon (dioxide) consumption (carbon sink). So CO2 variations (increases for now) are man-made. How CO2 influences the earth's temperature or climate is still not well understood. An example of that is the latest IPCC report, which says that CO2 is only a small driver of Earth's temperature. That is because (climate pseudo-scientists did not realize) CO2 reflects sunlight away from the Earth as well as trapping some of Earth's radiation inside the atmosphere. This is a mostly balancing effect.
If climate "scientists" were doing science, they would tell us that planting trees and forests could reverse the CO2 increase trend (trees eat CO2 and release oxygen). Banning long-term clear-cutting would reduce the CO2 increase trend. Banning slash-and-burn clearing would greatly reduce the CO2 increase trend. Forests regulate the climate in their region, not just under the forest canopy. Tree and forest planting is a simple, easy, low-tech, immediate solution to most if not all of the CO2 increase trend. That does not mean that climate change would stop. A large driver of climate change is the cycle of warm and cold water rivers in the ocean. Their paths appear to have two stable patterns. The paths may currently be flipping from the one stable setting to the other. There does not appear to be anything we can do to affect that.
Another problem is the "storage" of CO2 in the oceans. Oceanic CO2 is stored below the surface, until the below is full up. When the top of the storage level reaches the surface of the oceans, the stored CO2 is released very quickly. The level appears to be temperature driven, and has reached the surface in the Antarctic, with large regions bubbling furiously. This CO2 release could be a catastrophe to animal life on the surface. The saturation of the oceans with CO2 is already a major catastrophe to oceanic life, although there has not been significant study of how much CO2 acidity affects the population of various species. The only way we could fix the oceanic CO2 problem would be to reduce atmospheric CO2 (plant trees), plant forests of green plants in the shallows, and plant floating forests of green plants in the open seas. This would be a very long term project (centuries).
Another way to reduce the atmospheric and oceanic CO2 temporarily is to dump iron dust, iron oxide, and iron sulfate into the ocean. The resulting algae and plankton blooms eat CO2 and feed the oceanic food chain. But that CO2 quickly gets released. so it may not help in the long term.

Comment: Cops said may be Suicide (Score 1) 126

by rcamans (#46420373) Attached to: Police Say No Foul Play In Death of Bitcoin Exchange CEO Autumn Radtke

A Tulsa man was found with hands and feet tied, and was decapitated. The police called it suicide. So I do not know what these cops mean when they say suicide. Cops called Hillary Clinton's old lawyer boyfriend's death a suicide, when he died of a gunshot wound with no gun found.

+ - US, UK DOD is hacking prepaid burner phones

Submitted by rcamans
rcamans (252182) writes "For all those conspiracy theorists wearing their tin hats, US and UK DOD is hacking prepaid burner phones, and it is easy to see it. In a video @, Alesx Heid ( shows and explains how to see it. On droid phones, go to system settings, about phone, status, ip address. Do a whois on the ip and see that on his Boost mobile prepaid, it is owned by DINSA, ministry of defense.
T-Mobile prepaids whois to US DOD."

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by rcamans (#45508315) Attached to: Make Way For "Mutant" Crops As GM Foods Face Opposition

The seed mutations and GM modifications are not necessarily the big deal. The big deal is that the plants have been given improved resistance to herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, as well as the ability to make their own. So the farmer uses more and nastier chemicals on ther plants, and you wind up eating more nasty chemicals. Then you mutate into brain-dead closed-minded idiots. Oh, wait, too late. Haven't you seen the studies of lab rats, etc who have been feed gmo corn? They look horrible.

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by rcamans (#45244253) Attached to: UK Telcos Went Above and Beyond To Cooperate With GCHQ

China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Greece? These guys have been intercepting phone conversations, bugging people,following people, and spying / surveiling a very long time. At least some of them started out doing it to "criminals", alleged and otherwise, but you got to know the programs had spillage and collateral damage right from the start. And what gov operation didn't grow? What gov operation didn't stay clean? Most all of these guys are dirty, it is just a question of how dirty.

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