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Comment: Caveat (Score 1) 2 2


Second, Reller noted that the number of upgrades to Windows 8 was outpacing the volume of upgrades to Windows 7 in the equivalent timeframe. What she didn't note was that Windows 8 upgrades are substantially cheaper than Windows 7 upgrades were

Comment: It's not Reductio ad absurdum (Score 1) 345 345

It is called Reductio ad absurdum

That's bullshit. Reductio ad absurdum means taking a statement to its extreme implications (as your link says), but it does not mean taking a statement and distorting it to say something that it didn't imply.

Comment: Re:Ouch (Score 1) 101 101

Indeed. And it's definitely not true that compilers always do a better job of optimizing than humans. Compilers are much better than they used to be, but for certain specific routines they still can't beat an expert Assembly programmer who can try out several strategies in a flexible optimize-benchmark-optimize feedback loop that compilers aren't able to do.

"Just think, with VLSI we can have 100 ENIACS on a chip!" -- Alan Perlis