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Comment Ford Sync like DOS? (Score 1) 293

From the article:

"Ford and Microsoft have done a lot of marketing for their joint Sync car stereo system, but after using it on a Focus, let me tell you it's the equivalent of DOS in a Windows 7 world, composed of nine buttons whose purpose is utterly unclear, unintuitive controls, and inconsistent operation with my smartphone. For example, it doesn't work with my smartphone's navigation app and won't play back the driving instructions through its speakers, though it passes through my music. My five-year-old midprice Sony car stereo does all of that better. For a device aimed at young people, Sync's clueless design makes you feel that you should be using eight-track tapes."

I have a 2011 Ford Fusion with Sync and Navigation, and honestly, I love the set up, and it doesn't feel dated at all. It's touch screen, voice activated, and I can customize whether or not to have voice prompts or tones for the navigation portion. I honestly don't know why he'd want the instructions to go back to his phone, because I know I wouldn't be able to hear my phone over my car stereo. I also know that 2012+ versions of Sync offer more interaction with smartphones than mine does, although I can't comment on that right now because I've been deployed and my wife's vehicle is the one with the newer version of Sync.

Either way, when someone finds a version of DOS that has touch screen capabilities and voice activation, let me know.

You will lose an important tape file.