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Comment: Re:Professors, not high school teachers (Score 1) 608

by raylu (#37710368) Attached to: Teacher Union Tries To Block Online Courses

If the colleges and universities switch to online courses, what's the benefit of paying them so many thousands of dollars for an education that you can get for free from something like the Khan Academy videos? People need and want an education, not a video lecture series.

A degree, which certifies that you have met some sort of minimum.

Comment: Re:Who uses app engine? (Score 1) 66

by raylu (#37646162) Attached to: Google Apps Engine Gets SQL

While I agree with your post in general, you don't have to derive your competitive advantage from your server infrastructure to not use a PaaS. Sometimes it's just difficult to abstract away all of those things (hardware, OS, other details).

Alternatively, you're a business that simply deals with requests beyond the 100 per second range; this doesn't make you one of the largest players in 2011.

Comment: Re:Advertising disguised as history lesson. (Score 1) 244

by raylu (#34265302) Attached to: An Illustrated Version Control Timeline

It doesn't apply to checking out large repositories. It's faster at pretty much everything (except git clone vs svn checkout, which it still comes close for).

See and, particularly the "Not Just for Teams of Coders" section.


The Sun's Odd Behavior 285

Posted by Soulskill
from the to-be-fair-it-was-a-little-tipsy dept.
gyrogeerloose writes "Most of us know about the sun's eleven-year activity cycle. However, relatively few other than scientists (and amateur radio operators) are aware that the current solar minimum has lasted much longer than expected. The last solar cycle, Cycle 24, bottomed out in 2008, and Cycle 25 should be well on its way towards maximum by now, but the sun has remained unusually quiescent with very few sunspots. While solar physicists agree that this is odd, the explanation remains elusive."

Comment: Re:Sorenson h.264 is not the best h.264 encoder (Score 1) 337

by raylu (#32315652) Attached to: H.264 and VP8 Compared

On top of that, the frames are then compressed into GIFs as opposed to the lossless PNG and then uploaded with a .jpg extension. This guy is clueless.

Furthermore, in a video comparison, is audio even included in the file and, even worse, why is the audio encoded differently? This throws some doubt on fairness of the result since the filesize of the overall files are very close but the audio portions of the file likely take up different amounts of space.

Finally, why is VP8 thrown in the "WebM" container (which is just MKV) and the H.264 video thrown in the mp4 container?

Comment: Re:Block outbound SMTP (Score 1) 396

by raylu (#31573188) Attached to: How To Avoid a Botnet Infection?

* Yes I can.
* I don't need to paste the code into another editor just to get custom coloring.
* It sounds like all of your issues are with e-mail clients that assume the 80 column crap. In other words, with e-mail clients that have trouble with text. OK, so they're not your e-mail client, but it's still not the fault of the text.
* Charset has little to do with the argument at hand.

Comment: Re:Block outbound SMTP (Score 1) 396

by raylu (#31571384) Attached to: How To Avoid a Botnet Infection?

You can't do lists in plain text? Try harder.
I don't want your syntax highlighting. I can do my own highlighting, thanks.
Your e-mail client can't handle wrapping of text? Try harder.

Text is text. How it is interpreted should be left up to the user (in this case, the receiver, not the sender). It seems that whatever software you're using really sucks at interpreting text, but don't blame the text for your problems.

Comment: Re:A couple of things (Score 1) 511

by raylu (#31564632) Attached to: What Is Holding Back the Paperless Office?

Off-line use. I can refer to paper copies and make notes on them even when I'm not around the computer.

I don't think this is a fair argument for either side. Paperless people spend more time on the computer; people with lots of paper spend more time away from it.

Change control. Many times documents can be changed in the computer and, while it records that there was a change, there's no record anymore of what the document said before the change. The paper copies in my drawer can't be changed and I can pull them out to prove that yes that was what was originally specified.

That's exactly what version control is for. VCS's are better, though, because it's easier to create old versions and it may be harder to forge an old version.

Reliability. I don't have to worry about the contents of my desk drawers and noteboard going *poof* when a system upgrade goes south and it turns out the restore process requires things IT can't afford to do.

Backing up digital data is far easier than paper. On the other hand, spilling coffee on a stack of papers is generally irrecoverable.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."