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Comment: Re:Blaming the messenger (Score 1) 409

by ray_nicov (#39641749) Attached to: Apple Snubs Security Firm That Spotted Mac Botnet

If I set up a security company in Bhutan, I'll instantly be one of the leading security companies (in Bhutan).

I take your point but I think there is a distinct difference between Bhutan and Russia in this sense. Also you may consider that you did hear about Kaspersky and the main difference between these guys used to be that Kaspersky is better at PR and marketing.

Comment: Re:Great concept except for .... (Score 5, Insightful) 488

by ray_nicov (#39122149) Attached to: Obayashi To Build Space Elevator By 2050

No no wants to spend a week in an elevator even if it means you get to go into orbit. Christ I can barely make it to the 15th floor without some jackass farting. A whole week. Don't think so.

To get from Vladivostok to Moscow on the train you would need 9 days. It used to take a couple of weeks or more. One train carriage carry approximately 30 people and the either share cabins with 3 other travellers or the whole carriage is one big cabin. People used to travel this way all the time before flying started to be an option. I suppose with our iPads etc the journey will be even less difficult

Comment: Re:I live there (Score 1) 483

by MiniMike (#29998282) Attached to: Computer Failure Causes Gridlock In MD County
I live in the county also, and I noticed that my commute was actually better than usual. Normally, the lights are so poorly timed on my route (which is with rush hour traffic) that timing them randomly would be an improvement. The timing is so bad that I actually attribute it to malice, or having some priority other than having traffic flow smoothly. When the predominant flow of traffic catches every red light, when there are major intersections with long backups for one road and no traffic on the other (long gone through the mistimed green), it's beyond incompetence. Hopefully this event shakes things up enough to get the system fixed, but I doubt it.

Comment: Re:Damnit, people, can you see the problem here? (Score 1, Funny) 106

by Tetsujin (#29998280) Attached to: Facebook and MySpace Backdoors Found, Fixed

Inglish speekurz shood standardaiz on a striktly phonetik sistem ov speling wurdz

Ok, is it spelled "kaw" (New England), Kower (south) Kore (midwest), Kwa (Nwoo Yawk)?

Is it window, winder, or windah?

And you spelled "uv" rong. See how this is such an incredibly BAD idea?

I did not spell "uv" wrong. The five vowels:


Take the following sounds:

Ah Eh EE Oh OO

This is in accordance with the usage of the vowels in other European languages, such as Spanish or Italian. Thus, the word "of" would be spelled "ov". "uv" would rhyme with "move"

Admittedly, some work would need to be done to refine the phonetic spelling system and to promote adoption and education of the new system. I figure in a generation or two we might be able to iron out these regional differences. Of course, some will resist these changes: if we can get the NSA involved to monitor SMS and internet usage and introduce FCC regulations requiring broadcasters and recording artists to always spell and pronounce things correctly, and institute a new bureau of ruthless and violent enforcement, it should be doable. The back-catalogue of music and literature will have to be either destroyed or republished, and owning old editions will have to be criminalized. It'd probably be a good idea to identify uncooperative parents and separate them from their children, so we can properly institutionalize them using the new system.

Oh, and we'll have to invade England, I think - this nonsense about English English being the authoritative version has got to stop. If we play our political cards right and keep anybody else from getting involved it should be a fairly straightforward war without too much loss of life. We may have to use a few tactical nuclear weapons, but I think once we've established a willingness to use them (say, on a minor city) the Brits will know we mean business. One Britain is down I think it should be relatively easy to make Canada fall in line. Australians and New Zealanders might be a bit of a challenge since they're so well known for their weird accents - we could institute a temporary cultural embargo, that should prevent contamination until we're ready to deal with them.

In the end it'll all be worth it, though, 'cause we'll be able to use the "Don't call me Shirley" joke in writing and it will work properly. Really, all manner of homonym-based jokes will finally be open to use in writing. It will usher in a new golden age of literature.

The Internet

New .tel TLD Now In Use 175

Posted by timothy
from the pay-at-the-tel-booth dept.
rockwood reports that the .tel top level domain has been deployed, "in a first attempt at pushing the recently approved .tel... The top-level domain .tel was approved by ICANN as a sponsored TLD launching on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 to trademark owners of national effect and on February 3, 2009 to anyone who wishes to apply. Its main purpose is as a single management and publishing point for 'internet communication' services, providing a global contacts directory service by housing all types of contact information directly in the DNS."
PC Games (Games)

+ - DirectX 10 for XP

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes: In a blog post earlier today, Faling Leaf Systems released a prerelease of their DirectX 10 compatibility libraries for Windows XP. They're available here and includes a readme on how to install it and get the examples from the MS DirectX SDK. Looks like a sign of good things to come and it's finally likely that we won't have to upgrade to Vista just to play DX10 games when they start coming out.

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