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Comment As long as Tali is Safe (Score 0) 78

...I don't care about anything else =)

But seriously I'm glad that they didn't make this feature a requirement to get the "full story".

But if this new feature is anything like the overlord/shadowbroker(?) DLC where there's a car chase and not another shoot and cover then I think it will be an awesome co-op experience it might even deter people from pirating it.

Comment Movement (Score 0) 163

Is the movement suppose to feel that awkward?

To be honest when I first read the title "First Person Dungeon Crawlers" I thought about Hexen 2 but as I viewed the video made me realize that I haven't played any games like it and I have been gaming since 90s. I would have been glad to give this a try but the movement and how the game-play just feels weird to me.

Comment vote with your money. (Score 0) 214

As I have read a dozen times here in /. vote with your wallet to make corporations like EA stops this sort of policy for their games. Old games didn't have this sort of issues and yet they sold a lot because they were really good , Besides if you really are into games or a "gamer" you would still buy the original even after playing/beating the game from a pirated version since you would get tons of free stuff nowadays that isn't included in a pirated game. To me that's the one edge of legal games over pirated one's

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