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Comment Re:RE Security Software (Score 1) 79

Its this. ITs Peanut butter. He's going to ask me if I understand etc. He's going to confuse the subject. He's going to pretend and insist to the end that he doesnt understand. I understand -- he's a charlatan. Thinking I'm going to try and make him understand that's his mistake. Don't watch me wind up or nothing but your going to get jerked pal

Comment MY TAIL (Score 1) 90

How about integrity? How about sanctity? How about treason the law? How about the fourth amendment?.

Hey asshole lawyers here, they give a shit about the bottom line looks like you just lost...

As for me, military style.

Obamas' cotton candy basically romulan that

And what about this weed I gotta smoke until I die?

How about wanting to to the right thing? How about facing the fear of execution for life because you fucked up once? How about that cabbie?

What do they want? That's over their head. What do I want? Are you a fool?

Comment Re:Why not just lock down the radio portion? (Score 0) 144

How? It's difficult enough regulating imported electronics just for safety, and a lot of hardware doesn't even have a brand on it.

Are you insinuating that it is possible to regulate any software or hardware for safety without the Source? If so you are an idiot and its obvious that you are trolling so shut your stupid fucking mouth asshole.

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