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[CAPS]this is about profit? this is about druugs. show me the profit you little pussy. they don't care about gangrene nahmen? gnaa dont mean nothing son -- so when you gonna get that fixed? idiots are gon get stupid ideas like this -- its like this -- when you gon lie? ho? when violence is involved be sure to get paid breaker breaker over over i keep repeating it like this but its a little bitch come get paid you little bitch see you on mars see that thats mission to mars ima make you bite my dick you little hos ima make you see that i'm fresh till the cows come home ima then kill your motherfucking mother with my fresh french bread ima eat breathe live and kill just to make you pay and you owe you fucking owe so come fucking pay and you're just like 'we could lose 21 lines over this' i'd teach you what i just did -- but i'd have to kill you and i don't like you at all this is about HYPNOTISM and i'ma kill you for disrespect c mut i mean na? my shits incorrect like the vainglorious and ima take a to court fur my mom na mean p-nut butta? ima kill ya ma [/ALLCAPS] SUPREME CIVIL WAR --TRUE

Comment Re:Um.. SHUT UP IDIOT (Score 1) 277

You just mocked the essential point of this whole question. Drives if they fail (other than from abuse) will usually fail in the first few days of use. My question is why are you here mocking anything at all?

This used to be a place to learn interesting technology from interesting and smart people. You won't notice that none of them are still around and there aren't even any good stories on the front page anymore "because you just showed how stupid you are on the internet".

Comment Re:"UI designers" just can't design UIs. (Score 1) 1040

I agree except for anything to do with magic. Developers are just a special class of user, so I really think the attitude you describe is harmful. UI designers tend to look down on "developers" because they make shitty guis ITNSHO; but those shitty guis are just designed for Ultra class computer users. I just made that up and you GUI designers better respect that. Their is a big spectrum of user and its kind of a joke to expect people to program systems they can't even work on without psychological or carpal damage. Unity works good for my Mom, you just need to realize it isnt usable for a certain class of users.

Comment genius web2.0 marketyng idea (Score 2, Insightful) 119

Twitter is a fundamentally stupid idea. It is like trying to run all of the mailing lists in the world from one server (and by 'like' I mean exactly the same) The end result is half as useful and twice as shitty. Seriously, write a web2.0 listserv interface and you will amaze tweeters. You can tweet with email holy cow!

Yes, it's a mailing list, suprise!

Mommy, what happens to your files when you die?