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+ - Edward Snowden Reveals NSA Involvement with Stuxnet Development->

Submitted by DavidGilbert99
DavidGilbert99 (2607235) writes "Edward Snowden continues to spill the beans on the extent of the US government's spying and cyber-espionage work over the past five years. The latest revelation comes via an interview carried out prior to Snowden fleeing to Hong Kong on 20 May, and confirms the NSA worked with Israel to develop the Stuxnet computer worm which targeted a Iranian nuclear facility in 2009. While this has been speculated widely previously, the US has never officially confirmed its involvement."
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Comment: Difficult question (Score 1) 191

Asking this is much like asking 'which is the best linux distro'. You won't get one answer. What type of system are you most comfortable with operating? If it is Microsoft system (for example) you have already got you answer. Are you are looking for a bare-metal hypervisor? Do you need GUI-heavy management tools? What sort of hardware are you going to use (old/new?). Probably looking at a comparison chart would be your best option. I could tell you what I use and why but that won't do you a bit of good. (kvm, stable and easy).

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