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Comment Re: Content (Score 1, Informative) 113

Really it should be population density vs number of internet connections, not available land. As well you would want it broken down by city density as well to get a more granular metric. Europe doesn't have the complete sprawl of a city like Dallas. Since a much greater majority of Sweden's population is concentrated in a small space than in the US, the swedes get better internet access.

Comment Re: Laws (Score 1) 822

Really? A million other uses for an unattended bucket of water? Also, a bucket of ash or cat litter is better for putting out a fire. A 50 gallon drum or larger is a much superior reserve water source, from which water can be drawn with 5 gallon buckets when needed and not left unattended. Etc.. Etc.. Not saying 5 gallon buckets aren't useful, but no reason, less than guns really, to leave one filled and out of reach.

Comment Re: The world needs the U.S. more... (Score 0) 381

If we were imperialists we would have done what anyone else would have when they stood astride the world at the end off WWII. We didn't. The fact of the matter is that the US has been the most benevolent in the use of power of any nation that has made it to the top of the pile.

Comment Re: wow, super insulting and prejudiced. (Score 1) 207

TR2013's problems stemmed more from it being a proper origin story game than from updated art design. If they shift the primary focus to the tomb(s) and leave her with 60+% of her abilities at the start of the next game with the 'found' abilities being equipment based, there won't be an issue.

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