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Comment: Re: yet another derpy lib (Score 1) 367

by ravenshrike (#49206193) Attached to: Come and Take It, Texas Gun Enthusiasts (Video)

And it's Unfounded Assumption right out the gate, quickly followed by Hyperbolic Strawman with Historians Fallacy not far behind.

Item 1.) I am not a channer. The only time I've been to 4chan is through links, generally on BRBU.

Item 2.) The history behind Gamergate is quite simple. The history behind Quinngate is more complex. They are, however, two different movements as any honest analysis of the Twitter and Google statistics bears out.

Item 3.) I am curious as to how Schaefer's fuckwittery at the GDC in any way links me to 8chan. Please explain.

Comment: Re: Yeah.... (Score 1) 106

A good parking lot is a good indication? Unless you're talking upscale Chinese, all the best Chinese restaurants I've been to have either had bizzarely shaped parking lots or none at all. This applies to both Chinese restaurants in Chicago as well as those within the greater Chicagoland area as far west as Schaumburg and north as Waukegan. It also applies to Boulder, Co and at least three cities in Texas.

Comment: Re:DSCOVR? (Score 1) 48

by ravenshrike (#49015237) Attached to: Tracking System Bug Delays SpaceX's DSCOVR Launch

It always amuses me when morons bring up Galileo. He got in trouble because he couldn't properly back up his theory with evidence(Not to mention being completely wrong about other things like comets), because he was a gigantic fucking asshole who had ostracized his contemporaries so they refused to back him up as being possibly correct, and because he was a conceited moron who thought calling the pope an idiot in a thinly veiled treatise was a smart idea. It was the last that actually caused the Church to call for his prosecution, but it was the former two that sealed his fate.

Comment: Re: F(ck them. (Score 1) 214

by ravenshrike (#49007109) Attached to: Verizon Sells Off Wireline Operations, Blames Net Neutrality Plans

Given that the FCC has been dicking around in this area for years which the summary conveniently ignores, almost certainly longer than the deal in question has been in the works, what exactly makes you think they're lying? Also, given that there is not a single entity within the US government that knows just how many laws are currently in force, let alone all of the regulations that stem from those laws, in what universe is the state of things not 'over regulated'?

Comment: Re: This thread will be a sewer of misogyny (Score 1) 779

by ravenshrike (#48965331) Attached to: WA Bill Takes Aim at Boys' Dominance In Computer Classes

I do not think that word means what you think it means. One study discussed TOYS the children under 2 years of age but almost certainly over 1 year of age given that they were actually playing with said toys preferred vs a bunch of 5 to 6 month olds who prefer pictures of people, a.k.a the monstrous entities who feed them and wipe their asses, over pictures of anything else. You're comparing apples and chocolate covered ants with that one.

Time-sharing is the junk-mail part of the computer business. -- H.R.J. Grosch (attributed)