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Comment: Re:How many? (Score 5, Insightful) 342

by ravenscar (#46825531) Attached to: Aereo To SCOTUS: Shut Us Down and You Shut Down Cloud Storage

Ahahahahaha! Are you joking? Comcast and Time Warner ARE content companies. That's the whole problem. Content providers should be completely separate from internet providers. When they aren't, the internet/content providers have incentive to make sure their content is unfairly promoted/protected on their networks. If you think Comcast/Time Warner will ever stand up to content companies I've got some wonderful property in the Everglades in which you might be interested.

Comment: Re:Definitely not for power users (Score 1) 103

by ravenscar (#46475837) Attached to: Tested: Asus Chromebox Based On Haswell Core i3

I completely agree. I picked up a Chromebook just to try it out. It has these things going for it: Cheap, acceptable display, great battery life, boots from a powered off state in around 10 seconds, and is pretty solid at internet browsing. I don't store anything on it and it was $200 so I'm not overly concerned if it's lost, broken, or stolen. I find myself using it frequently around the house for light internet tasks where a keyboard is desired (which is fairly often).

A big plus that I didn't expect - remote desktop works really well. In the event that I'm sitting on the couch and I find myself needing to do something that requires different software or more processing power, I just remote into my home server and do the work there.

I can't say that I have any complaints at the price point. Of course, I don't expect to do things for which it wasn't designed.

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by ravenscar (#46464087) Attached to: IAU To Uwingu: You Can't Name That Martian Crater Either

Exactly. The IAU might be able to create the name by which scientists refer to the craters (so that they have the same name in all languages). In real life, the craters will be called whatever people decide to call them popularly. It's like the bellis perennis. You might hear scientists refer to it that way. To the rest of the English speaking world it's a daisy.

Comment: Re:Chromecast Vs. Roku (Score 1) 289

by ravenscar (#46307435) Attached to: ISP Fights Causing Netflix Packet Drops

Upgrade your Roku. I had the same issue. Upgrading to the newest Roku made a world of difference. I'm not sure why, but I would guess Netflix has updated their streaming protocol and that making the most of what it has to offer requires more hardware than the original Roku has on tap. If nothing else, you get a much nicer Netflix interface on the new Roku.

Side note - my solution worked for me, but might not for you. Fortunately, Rokus are fairly common so perhaps you could have a friend or neighber drop by with theirs so you could see if there is a difference.

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by ravenscar (#45831335) Attached to: USA Today Names Edward Snowden Tech Person of the Year

I think you've seen one too many movies about the glories of revolutions. I've read a bit about the phenomena. With few exceptions they share a common theme - they are bloody, cruel, and frequenly result in regimes worse than those they hoped to replace. So let's see what awaits in revolution:

1. I face death from battle, exposure, starvation, disease, etc. on an almost daily basis.
2. It is highly likely that at least one of my kids would lose their life. Not to mention that all of them would be pulled from the education system and have their childhoods ripped away and replaced by a nightmare of death and destruction.
3. There would likely be significant damage to the country's infrastructure that would last well into the future - prolonging the issues from numbers 1 and 2.
4. We'd probably end up with a regime far less concerned with freedom than the one with which we started.

I type this from a warm home, stocked with food and medicine. My family is close by. Police, fire, EMT are all here at a moments notice if there is a problem. I have access to more information than has ever been amassed in human history - at my fingertips in seconds. My kids go to great schools. We can use roads to get anyplace we wish for hiking, biking, skiing, hunting, fishing, etc. In short, I (and most Americans) live a life that is the stuff of dreams for all past generations.

You are saying that we should give up all the things in the second paragraph in favor of all the things in the list? Because someone is reading my email and searching me before plane flights? You go first.

I completely agree with your sentiments regarding the government overstepping its bounds. Talk of revolution, however, just seems absurd (at least from my station in life).

Comment: Flexible screens - scratch city (Score 1) 92

by ravenscar (#45341151) Attached to: The First Phone You Can Actually Bend: LG's G Flex

If you are going to have a flexible screen one would think you wouldn't use glass to cover it. You would need a material that also flexes. If it flexes it isn't going to be very hard and is likely to accumulate scratches like the old-school plastic screens. Not to say the tech is useless; it just seems to have limited applications in today's standard rectangle phones. Perhaps the tech will evolve enough to inspire a new phone design. Until then, meh.

Comment: Re:No media servers? (Score 1) 312

by ravenscar (#45291009) Attached to: Sony Issues Detailed PS4 FAQ Ahead of Launch

Install Plex server (free) on your server and pick up a Roku 2 for $60 and install the Plex client (also free). Works great for videos, music, and pictures. Also, since the Roku isn't a Blu-ray player, it doesn't prevent you from playing Blu-rays that you have ripped to store on your server. This won't meet your game needs, but it's a tiny, lower power device so it doesn't take up a bunch of space or give off a bunch of heat.

Comment: Re:LITEON not good enough for you? (Score 3, Informative) 91

by ravenscar (#45263845) Attached to: HP Sues Seven Optical Drive Makers Over Price-Fixing

$150 or more? I picked up an ASUS from Newegg around 6 months ago for $35 or so. It's an internal model and has SATA connections. It works great and appears to be as high quality as my other ASUS gear (I've found their components to be very reliable). The software needed to play a Blu-Ray movie was much more expensive than the drive itself.

Comment: Re:I seriously like my Surface Pro tyvm (Score 1) 616

by ravenscar (#44942307) Attached to: Why Is Microsoft Setting More Money On Fire With Surface 2?

I see this comment on /. every time discussion pops up around the Surface Pro. I understand that this is a big selling point for you. It's probably a selling point for graphic artists and others with similar needs. That said, there aren't enough of you to make this a notable selling point when it comes to the rest of the general public. I wouldn't give a flying rat's ass for a Wacom digitizer screen. I certainly won't pay an extra couple hundred dollars. It's largely irrelevant to me and to 90% or more of tablet purchasers.

Products with niche features belong in their niche. Otherwise, they increase the cost beyond what the typical user is willing to pay.

I'm sure Apple could have put a studio grade microphone in the ipad (+ midi interface). It would have been great for serious musicians and other peope in the sound industry. It also would have added a big cost for something that most people don't want.

Comment: Re:You already have something like this on your ca (Score 1) 314

by ravenscar (#44842261) Attached to: NYC Is Tracking RFID Toll Collection Tags All Over the City

Not at all. I just think it's important that people understand that they can be and most likely are being tracked regardless of whether they have an RFID in their vehicle. I think it's likely a losing effort to try and thwart government privacy invasion by avoiding technology. Things like license plate scanners, face recognition, drones, backdoors to hardware, backdoors to service providers, etc. make it really difficult to pratically avoid detection and tracking. It seems like it would be better to change the mindset (and legal precedent) that makes the governement think that it is okay to track us. That might be even less practical, but it's the avenue I would prefer to pursue.

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