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Comment Re:I love KSP, but sometimes... (Score 2) 99 99

I would respectfully disagree. The old "aerodynamics" was only bearable because people ignored it completely, building oversized rockets with TWRs in excess of 3-4 and launching into space at ridiculous speeds. SSTOs are no longer a dead concept either, for example.

Comment Re:It's there for a reason. (Score 1) 147 147

Not even relatively simple CSS rules work uniformly across browsers. What makes you think they'll properly handle VOIP calls? I'd bet my hat that a Firefox user will more than likely need to call another Firefox user to not run into issues.

Comment Re:That clinches it. (Score 2) 393 393

Ad hominem much? I manage servers, I know what I'm doing, thank you.

I used LLVM but I've used my primary drive for system and the secondary on /mnt/data (it's a hotpluggable SATA drive). Removing the inconsequential data drive still breaks the whole system, which is patently hilarious.

Comment Re:That clinches it. (Score 1) 393 393

I have installed openSUSE onto my laptop. Then I removed my secondary HDD, and voila, fstab thusly broke. Which made systemd throw a fit, constantly forcing an emergency mode - which was, in turn, bugged (systemd launches two shells on the same terminal, so everything becomes garbled). I was left with no option but to boot from a fricking rescue DVD.

At that point, I have deduced that the logical conclusion was popping my Win7 DVD back in.

Interestingly enough, server-grade Linux OSes we use (SLES, SUSE) don't seem to exhibit this behaviour. Still, that matters little for when I can't use them.

Comment Re:and when BSD moves to systemd... (Score 1) 403 403

I dunno, I found debugging kinda difficult when the default shipping systemd utterly breaks emergency mode (launching 2 shells that are competing for input/output).

I've also seen a test server lose the binary logs COMPLETELY when the power was cut. We had to read the good 'ol /var/log/messages, but that's clearly not the systemd way, is it now?

Comment Re:and when BSD moves to systemd... (Score 1) 403 403

A truly unexpected shutdown (kernel panic or hardware fault) can leave systemd log files so corrupt you can't grab anything meaningful from them.

As for text files, they are obviously just backwards-compatibility junks left in so the old crowd doesn't get too noisy. I mean, binary format is the future and should be embraced any any non-reactionary admin, amirite?

Comment Re:Wow, so much bitter negativity for no good reas (Score 1) 67 67

Personally, I'm not THAT thrilled; I'm more interested in AR than VR. As for the imporvement: it would've happened, sooner or later. Technology marches on, etc, etc.

Oh, and I loathe facebook. DK lost any appeal to me when they sold out.

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