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Comment Re:Apple bashing (Score 1) 452 452

>Not possible.... The world's last Blockbuster is about a mile from here. (hint: I'm not in Austrailia)

Blockbuster is surprisingly still very much in business here in Australia. No idea HOW, but it appears my fellow countrymen still rent physical DVDs.... quite quaint!

Comment Will only work if we get rid of the biggest issue (Score 1) 165 165

This is all good in theory, but let's not forget WHY we have ended up here:

The Customer.

The Customer WANTED to have Windows based servers, the customer wanted to have integration on to their business networks using Windows protocols and standards.

DCS vendors for DECADES had their own OS's from the PLC up to the HMI , granted they were not secure, but they didn't need to be as they were not externally accessible, nor could they run anything untoward.

When the customer sees this new OS and can't get the data they want on to the managers desktop without expensive interfaces/hardware they will vote with their wallets and maintain the status quo.

I don't believe this will go anywhere.

SCADA/DCS/ICS Vendors will harden up their systems end-to-end and customers will still go and put VNC on their servers negating any work on the vendors behalf.

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