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Comment Re: None of my cards have a chip! (Score 1) 317

Actually Europe is moving to contactless cards (to the level that you are not even offered cards that are not contactless) - which means you don't even have to punch in the pin most of the time. That solves the complaint about "slowing things down". I personally do not trust that as far as I can throw the merchant.

Comment Re:I'm curious (Score 1) 206

You did no understand me. I'm saying that it is invalid argument that Snowden is not leaving Russia because US agents could get him if he did. It is invalid because US agents could get him in Russia just like they could get him outside of Russia. If they really wanted.

Comment Re: Easiest way to do this. (Score 1) 205

Why didn't you just use the windows media creation tool and skip all of that work?

Can you tell me why should I download a program that is supposed just to download a .iso? And can anybody tell me what is it doing when it is "Verifying my download" and why it needs 10 minutes "Creating Windows 10 media" after the network transfer finishes? And if I run it twice, why do I get a different thing every time?

It does not build much confidence in paranoid people like me.

Comment Re:Move to the latest version? (Score 1) 435

And, thus, people like yourself don't understand enough to be worried about having to plug in an IPv6 address anyway.

Who is going to do it on my LAN if not me?

Seriously, do you sit and hand-craft your local DNS zones for each individual machine?

No, I run a DHCP server that dynamically updates my DNS server. However with IPv6 we are supposed to do away with DHCP and can use something like radvd. With that however the address is created by the client and the client has to update the DNS server. That means that rather than keeping the DHCP server up to date and keeping the DDNS signing key secure on one machine, I have to do that now on all clients. Mhm, perhaps DHCPv6 still isn't such a bad idea ... um ...

Perhaps people like yourself could do a better job explaining it to the noobs like me?

Comment Re:Single line of code? (Score 1) 618

Ah right. I live in the socialist Europe and every car has to undergo a technical and emission test every few years. The advantage is that you mostly meet cars on the street that are not a total junk with not working breaks, lights, leaking fluids and polluting environment - i.e. generally not dangerous

Why do you even have certification procedure when it is enough to pass a test once in the lifetime of the car? Looks like a waste of money.

Submission + - Federal Judge Rules Warner Doesn't Own Happy Birthday (

turp182 writes: Direct quote from of the article's first paragraph:
"A California federal judge ruled Tuesday that “Happy Birthday to You” does not belong to the mega music corporation that has long claimed it. Instead, the world’s most popular song belongs to, well, the world."

Other details are that Warner was receiving at least $2 million per year in royalties, and that a class-action suit to recoup said fees over the years is probably in the makings.

This is a perfect example regarding copyright in perpetuity.

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