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Comment Re:Firehose stories on front page (Score 1) 1829

Right. Some time ago I was unsuccessfully searching for Firehose on the frontpage. The word itself was not there. Eventually I resorted to manually adding "" to the URL bar. Which seems to lead to the same as "recent". The word "Firehose" that I see now at the top of the page is not link - unlike all other words in that box. Confusing.

Comment Explanations in firehose (Score 1) 1829

When looking at the firehose - it would be helpful to see what the rating colors means. I'm talking about the icons that look like Erlenmeyer flask. Is green better then red? Also what do the tags(?) mean. What does firehose tag "maybe" mean?

When looking at the mobile version - the link to the comment itself (the cid link) and link to the parent post are missing. The slider for adjusting the mod threshold was never working.

When writing a comment - add a button that encloses the selected text into <blockquote> . If the post does not contain any other html elements automatically wrap paragraphs separated by double newline into <p>.

Submission + - MapQuest Discover shutting down February 15 (

kriston writes: MapQuest Discover, the feature that in 2013 the media fawned over for keeping the long-dying AOL MapQuest brand relevant, is no more. Since not many people used it, I'm quoting the email sent to those of us who tried MapQuest Discover.

Thanks for the adventures.

You are receiving this email because you currently have a MapQuest Discover account. We wanted to let you know that on February 15, 2016, we will be closing the doors to Discover and your account will no longer be accessible.

When we created Discover, we set out with one goal: To inspire travel and exploration. It&rsquo;s been a great journey and we hope we inspired you to get out and explore new places, meet new people, and experience new things. As we look to the future, we will be focusing our energy on improving our core product, MapQuest, while taking on new adventures at Parachute, a contributor-fueled site providing authentic and informative local content.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us by contacting our Support team. You can also learn more about this decision by visiting our FAQs.

We are eternally grateful for your continued support. And we hope to see you again at Parachute and MapQuest.


The MapQuest Team


How Uber Profits Even When Its Drivers Aren't Earning Money ( 180

tedlistens writes: Jay Cassano spoke to Uber drivers about "dead miles" and what work means when your boss is an algorithm, and considers a new frontier of labor concerns and big data. "Uber is the closest thing to an employer we've ever seen in this industry," Bhairavi Desai, founder of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, told him. "They not only direct every aspect of a driver's workday, they also profit off the entire day through data collection, not just the 'sale of a product.'"

Submission + - Docker 1.10 Brings Linux SECCOMP Security to Containers (

darthcamaro writes: Starting this week, there is a new tool in the toolbox to secure Docker containers. In addition to SELinux (or AppArmor) and Namespaces — Docker 1.10 will now include a default SECCOMP profile. So what's the difference between SECCOMP and SELinux?

SELinux is the list of people you can talk to, while seccomp is the list of what words you can say, McCarty said. As an example, if a person could communicate with another person using only three or five words, it would very much limit what could be expressed and prevent most types of illicit activities, and applies in much the same way to Linux containers, he added.

Submission + - Dear overlords

onyxruby writes: An open letter to the new overlords of Slashdot. Slashdot was once one of the Internet’s great sites. Once upon a time this was one of the largest watering holes for people in technology on the Internet.

Like many here, I would like to see that reoccur. Unlike many sites, your past and previous readers happen to include industry professionals who are more than happy to provide their expertise for free. All you have to do is stop pissing in their watering hole and clean up the mess previously made.

There were two primary changes that drove away many of the previous readers. Readers who were highly educated, highly paid and in positions of decision making authority at large companies if you prefer to think in marketing terms.

The first change was the forced change of the interface to Beta which took away functionality and choice. When you are working with people in technology taking away information and functionality is pretty much guaranteed to piss them off.

The bigger issue was hubris and treating the readership as the audience. The readers are your product, not your audience. People did not come to read the often plagiarized two paragraph story, they came for the community and industry insider knowledge about what something actually meant.

Here’s the short list of things people have been asking for here for years:
Professional editors (no more plagiarism!)
End to paid shills ( etc.)
Links for paywalled or adblocked sites (e.g. — anti-ad-blocking)
End the SJW barrage the previous management had

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