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+ - How would you convince Obama about copyright?->

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rastoboy29 writes "I was thinking about who might be appointed Copyright Czar after Biden's assurance to the RIAA and friends that we would get "the right guy" in there. It occurs to me that this could actually happen, if, say, Obama appointed Larry Lessig, for example. That would be cool. But the fact is, Obama is not tuned in to the geek generation. There is no reason to believe he "gets it". So I was wondering how I would go about convincing him if the Secret Service called me up and said, "you're request for ten minutes of the President's time has been granted. He'll be there at 4pm". And even though I've been thinking about this issue for many years, I just can't figure out how to condense it down into a six minute talk, leaving time for questions. I guess what I'm asking Slashdot is what is the ultimate essence of this argument, that makes it so very important that he not blindly follow the will of his West Coast constituency on matters like international copyright treaties, and our own laws?"
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