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Comment Re:And how does this help the people? (Score 1) 43

"Actually, the biggest threat to space exploration is actually the unwillingness of people to do it."

Actually the biggest threat to space exploration is Congress. NASA would have double the budget if they were given only what the military pays for air conditioning TENTS overseas.

WE spend such a miniscule portion of the budget on space it's embarrassing. Give NASA 10% of the military budget. OR we need to declare war on mars to get the full military budget in line.

Americans are more interested in killing people than science and exploration. This is a solid fact proven by looking at the last Budget released.

Comment Re:Uh... let me think about it (Score 1) 519

OK. regardless of the distance, let us look at just the 4 countries and 5 languages.

Crossing countries in Europe is like crossing stateliness, so no stopping anywhere. As she relied solely on the GPS, she did not notice all the changes in signs and the city names.

Fuelling up can be done by card and the machine will propose the language of the user. As she comes fro; Brussels, it is very likely she can speak at least two (Dutch and French) and from where she lives, it might be French, which will be more available than Dutch.

I often do not notice if things are in English, German or Dutch.

So yes, that part is likely.

Comment Re:told us... (Score 1) 61

Same in Belgium. Signing is done with your eID card. Worried about having an eID card (Card with chip) and what they might hide? Download the source code en do whatever you want with it.

It works under Linux and it is a shame that not more of this is used for websites. You could easily order something and not only will your adress be filled out, the website will be sure it is correct and age is verified.

It can also be used as a legal signature for contracts, unlike e.g. email or fax.

Comment Re:A case of being legally right, but morally wron (Score 1) 35

Reminds me of the letter I saw several years ago from the department of Justice in Belgium to the national RIA, SABAM. They said basically:
Do start any lawsuits as long as people are not making money from it. They will be handled with the lowest priority. If they are making money from them, we are happy to help.

This preventedcases against grandma doing some down and uploading. They also tried to ask for info about ISP customers, but the standard answer would be 'FOAD, not allowed to give you any information."So prividers started sending things like 'Well, they told us you were downloading something illigal. We do not know what legal or illegal is. If it is ilegal, we point to our AUP, if it is legal, please ignore this. This is just information.'

So the went after the providers themselves.

The letter was written in a way that it was clear NOT to bring in any 'person X is uploading via Torrent' bullshit as long as they did not make money from it. If they would have done that, I am sure it would not have ended well. I can imagine them saying 'this is a stern warning' to the accused and then going after SABAM for occupying the courts with stoopid lawsuits.

Comment No... (Score 1) 519

These are examples of really really dumb people not paying attention. if your GPS says, "drive 250 miles" to the hotel near your airport, and you blindly do it... you are an idiot.

Drive 2 days away... again, idiot level.

The problem is that all technology requires the user to have a modicum of intelligence. The examples in the story are of people that should not be allowed to drive a car let alone use a GPS.

Comment Re:You want me to see your ads? (Score 1) 661

The internet was not built to be an advertising medium, yet here we are, the majority of what you see online is advertising.

You know why? Because people like you keep saying that it is ok to show ads. The discussion should not be how ads can be shown, it should about showing ads at all.

It feels as if you are defending the Maffia by saying they should not kill a person, instead they should just hit him a couple of times. Sure, already a step in the right direction, but not far enough. What you actualy want is no Mafia at all.

I do not want to watch their ads. I understand why they exist, just like I know why the Mafia exists. Does not mean I want it.

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