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Comment Re:The TL;DR (Score 1) 63

Except this was the opposite? The colors weren't designed by committee, they were organically grown over the decades(!!) by a handful of programmers who modified the X11 rgb.txt file. Then the CSS committee basically said "fuck it, we're not in the color business, nor do we want to pay big bucks to Pantone, so the free X11 rgb.txt file it is!"

The only people expected to actually use those color names are students working on demo pages. In the real world everyone just expects to see the hexadecimal triplets instead.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 3, Insightful) 560

and those cops dont panic and murder 12 year olds with a bb gun. If you are a cop, suck it up and stop putting YOUR live above someone elses. you chose to pick a dangerous line of work, so act like you are a public servant.

Every time a cop even touches his gun he should be required to write a 20 page report as to exactly why and justify it or LOSE the privilege of carrying one. IF it was a licensed civilian citizen that would have killed that kid, you know they would have been in ass pounding prison.

Comment Re:I now have a monkey wrench for you... (Score 1) 255

So basically it is about who has the rights of the copy. If only there were a way to talk about copy and right, but not in a way of theft.

Also note that there is a difference between a moral right and a legal right and they do not always agree.

About being marries: The moral right would be that those who want to be married are to be married, as long as both parties agree.

So morally, the wife could be married to either one or both or neither. Or both men married together and divorce the wife or whatever combination, as long as the parties involved agree.

This could mean that even if both males want to be married, the wife might only want to marry one or the wife wants to marry both, but one of the men does not agree with polygamy and thus the wife will merry just one or neither.

If the law (legal part) allows a person to be married to more than one is another matter.

Comment Re:No. It won't be (Score 1) 174

I had a 4 processor ARM workstastion with NT. it was the most unstable piece of shit ever made. Windows NT for ARM was so half assed it barely ran, but it had an advantage, it was mostly hacker proof and served as a gateway to our SCADA system back then. Virus proof, hacker proof for the most part as the only break in we had they kept trying to run X86 executables on it. after that we used a single direction ethernet cable to make it completely hacker proof. Yes, 100% hacker proof. the best hackers on the planet can not defeat the security of a unidirectional ethernet cable. (RX wires snipped, TX only and all data sent to the office systems was UDB broadcast.)

Comment Re:No. It won't be (Score 1) 174

And nobody will buy them. There is a buttload of cheap china windows 8 surface tablet clone out there that are cheap, and they run linux very well and easily. so nobody in their right mind would buy a arm based android tablet. you want to stick with something that is far morepower and power sippy like what all the current android tablets use.

Comment Re:hmm... (Score 2) 175

You have two options.
1) Agree with what they do and pay more
2) Say it is a breach of contract and drop out

With 1) the company gets what they want
However with 2) the company gets what they want.

I used to work for a company that was in a similar situation. We had contracts with customers. However our cost increased in such a way that there was no way we would be able to make a profit. However the contract was in such a way that a cancel from our side would take 3 months to do the cancel (legally) so that was not an option.

The same would be for the customers. Their cancel would be three months as well. However when they contacted us and told they wanted to cancel due to the price increase, we would 'allow' the customer not to follow the letter of the law and cancel the accounts ASAP.

The intend of the increase was so customers would cancel. This so we would not loose any more money. So instead of loosing money over a 3 month period (even with the price increase), we lost money only over a 2 week (on average) period.Those who did want to follow us received a cancel letter a bit later and we had to respect the 3 months cancel.

Obviously I have no idea if they are actually loosing money or if the profit just is not high enough.

Comment Re:Why no diesel hybrids? (Score 1) 414

Prices of the cqrs in e.g. Europe. The Diesel will be more expensive to buy compqred to the gasoline one.
In the long run the Diesel will be cheaper. How much depends on how much you drive.

The sweet point varies from type to type, but is around 15.000KM per year. They are cheaper because Diesel is cheaper due to the way things are taxed.

But the start is: Diesel engines are more epxensive than gasoline engines.

I can understand with the cheap gasoline prices in the US, the miles before it becomes provitable might be much later, if at all.

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