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Comment: Re:Maybe useful, maybe not effective? (Score 1) 66

I understand what they want. It is to train on different situations. It is much easier to do something when you have done it before.

Because they should NOT radio it in, they should take imediate apropriate action. Otherwise it will be too late.

That said, they could easily put fake bushes in the parkinglot. Sure it would be nice to have a copy, but nice to have is not the same as a must.

Comment: Re:Conditional recording (Score 1) 391

by houghi (#49368805) Attached to: Why the Final Moments Inside a Cockpit Are Heard But Not Seen

Concerning the illness: this would be much of a less issue in Europe as people have certain rights when they are ill.

In Belgium you can fire them, but it wil cosy you a lot, while if you do nothing, it will cost you nothing. So often waiting for them to get better is the cheapest option.

In the mean time people will get money when they are ill. Some companies have insurance that sees to it that they get 100% during their illness. Others drop to a certain percentage after some months.

If people would get fired because they were ill, the unions would have a field day with that. Obviously there will be people who abuse the system. As soon as that is found out, not only will that mean imediate termination and pay back of the amount they stole. It also means they would not get any unemplyment benefit.

So all in all, a person who is ill, is better to get help and perhaps not work for a while. I know of people who have been on sick-leave for more than a year due to mental issues and then came back.

Comment: Re:When scores ... (Score 1) 391

by houghi (#49368781) Attached to: Why the Final Moments Inside a Cockpit Are Heard But Not Seen

Why not? And what would be the number of when it becomes illegal? 500 people? 100 people? 10 people? 2? 1?

At some point wer are ALL responsible for somebodies lives. So this is a slippery slope to surveilance of everybody and in Europe that is something we do not want (That does not mean it isn't happening)

This means that people can not be filmed when they are doing their job. This is somebody working in a pub (no camera's pointing at the till), working in an office (No camera's pointed at your desk) or when you do something else as a job.

Privacy is the most imporatnd right. If you do not have that, you can drop all the other ones. Also: privacy in Eurpope does not stop when you leave your house. You should have a reasonable amount of privacy when you are outside of it. That is why in Germany there are still a LOT of issues with Google Maps images.

So no, the right to privacy should NOT be droped, just because one idiot killed himself and others. It doe s not add any extra security. It only adds extra fear. Ask east Germans how that worked out.

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