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Google play is down to about 30 minutes now between submitting the binary and updates beginning to roll out to users. You can do staged rollouts with stages of 0.5%, 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 50% and full rollout in order to detect major f-ups on your own part before they reach most users.

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He's decidedly not mad in the sense of being irrational. Everything he does adds up towards his goal of strengthening the Russian state and the Russian military industrial complex. (Someone ought to investigate on Putin's and his family and friends stock ownership).

Russia has a strong hand the next 20-30 years, as the western world runs out of petroleum and has yet to create a replacement. Russia has huge untapped petroleum resources, which it can use as a bargaining chip. A country of merely 140 million, this may well be Russia's last chance to expand its borders until the end of history, so if that is Putin's goal then now is the time to play his hand as hard as he possibly dares to.

I would say that Putin might be a megalomaniac psychopath, but those are not irrational if they actually have great power. The time from now until he dies will be interesting.

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yeah it's bullshit.

anyone in the business knows that they hardly test that it starts up without crashing and that's about it.

logging in etc - too much trouble.

What they probably do, and I'm guessing here, is fire up an automatic UI testing tool that navigates through the app and clicks at stuff in order to provoke crashes and other bugs. In addition to that I would imagine they run the app description and the app icon through some sort machine learning system that tries to identify blatant ripoffs, re-submissions of apps that have been banned in the past, etc. Apps that don't pass these tests are looked at manually.

Again, these are my guesses.

They also do background checks on new App store accounts to try to tie them to people who have been banned for breaking their TOS.

The bad app makers are of course one step ahead of this at any given point in time. It's not hard to think of ways of probing the system by using fake accounts.

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Further research shows that the Neanderthals formed a Cave Painting Artists Association (CPAA) to protect the copyrights and the intellectual properties of these cave painters. CPAA then started suing all other people who made copycat paintings as copyright infringers. Since the early drawings were little more than scratches on the rock faces, anything anyone else did that made any scratch anywhere was deemed to be a copy cat drawing and copyright infringement. All the activities of all the people of the species ground to a halt. Unable to find food they just starved to death.

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The user could log into the bank account and transfer funds to AppStore account. From there Apple could handle micro payments to the vendors. Vendors cash out from the bank. Completely skipping MC/Visa infrastructure, if the NFC terminals are iPad or iPhone based. Ideally I would like something like this emerge in Android and in iOS so that there is some real viable competition to Visa/MC duopoly.

But looks like Apple is also talking to MC/Visa. So Apple does not seem to be competing with them, rather it is also looking to get a cut like the issuing banks are doing now.

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Some POS terminals will offer PIN pad and a menu "Authorize by signature or authorize by PIN". If the buyer picks "signature" it is treated as credit card transaction. Further, these changes came after lots of protest from merchants and some law suits. When banks started giving out ATM cards with VISA/MC logo, all the transactions went through credit card channel. But it was not clear if the debit cards carried the 50$ liability limit for fraudulent use. Further, since the attached checking account is drained by the fraudulent use, it was not clear how soon the money will be credited back. When this program was rolled in, it was very heavy handed, abusive and one sided.

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I am really glad something like this is long over due. But I wish we are not jumping from duopoly to a monopoly.

The cost of handling transactions is steadily diminishing. There was a time it would cost you something between 49$ and 149$ to place a single trade. It dropped to well below 10$ when I was still trading. Would not be surprised if they give you money to place a trade or something now. Compare it to the debit card transaction.

When it comes to creditcard I would not begrudge the 2% to 5% fee charged to the merchants. The credit card companies are essentially advancing an unsecured loan, and it would cost the individual merchants much more to check and advance credit to their customers. (Of course it there is some real competition the percentage might come down). But it is the debit card transaction that is atrocious. Money comes from the bank, there is no risk involved. There was a very nice system, including PIN numbers to manage the POS terminals. Way back when stock trade was 49$, it was 25 cent per transaction irrespective of the size of transaction. This should have become zero. But that is not what happened.

The Visa and Mastecard combined to discourage ATM cards and the POS terminals and undermined the system. They made debit and credit card to go through the same system. And the merchants were forced to pay 2% transaction fees on risk free money transfer from one bank to another.

The time is ripe, with prepaid cards and stored value cards for really cheap and free micro transactions. It took the clout of Apple to hit the music executives on their head and make them wake up, smell the coffee and realize the days of selling single track with 10 more useless tracks for 19$ per CD are gone. It might take such a juggernaut like Apple to make the bankers come around the bend and give up their 2% commission on risk free transactions.

But I wish we are not going from the duopoly of MC + Visa to a monopoly of AppStore. Well one thing at a time. Once the bankers get used to lower fees commensurate with the cost of transactions, may be alternatives to AppStore might emerge, and the system might become more open.

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Yeah well, I disrespectfully disagree. Randall Munroe is giant asshole with a rabid following of brainless morons. He only seems smart to you because you're so incredibly stupid.

Both you and grandparent are wrong.

Randal Munroe is evidence that if you draw stick figures for long enough you will eventually gain recognition.

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Cars wouldn't be much of a problem. Within hours of all cars breaking down there would be small businesses offering to transport goods from stores to your door with makeshift bicycle drawn carriages. The distances are also small enough that a lot of people could go get supplies on foot.

Highway trucks and freight trains on the other hand. Yeah, that would be bad. If someone hacked all highway trucks and freight train locomotives, starvation would set in within a couple of days, since there is no other way to effectively transport resources over long distances and stores only last a day or two at most. Ships rely on trains and trucks for the last 100-500 miles to the consumer.

Modern civilization is still very much in beta.

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