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Comment: Re:ID what? (Score 0) 1055

by ranok (#28107221) Attached to: What Free IDE Do You Use?
I beg to differ, I tried using Visual Studio at work, and was frustrated with the amount of effort it took to create and configure a project *just to compile a single file*. With emacs *gasp* you can hook it into a makefile, so it's just one key combo to make, it'll save your files for you. Additionally, with emacs you can add snippet support so you can type for and it will happily expand for you. I suppose VS is only useful if you like switching to the mouse every third keystroke. It may be more keyboard efficient, but certainly not more time efficient. Also, try building a project written in an esoteric language with VS (rather tricky)

Comment: Re:Its first recession. (Score 1) 195

by ranok (#26506061) Attached to: Google Terminates Six Services
Google *needs* a way to trim down the number of resumes it gets, unless it wants to hire 100s more HR folks. They have for each given semester or summer, a stack of resumes (after the automated sorting) about 10' tall (mind you, this is just for interns). Can you imagine sorting through a 1000 resumes a day just to keep up? I think Google knows data mining, and should use it to it's fullest potential!

Comment: Re:distributed file systems (Score 1) 448

by ranok (#22365388) Attached to: Making Use of Terabytes of Unused Storage
Hadoop is an open source DFS that is Java based, so it runs on Windows. It is pretty fault-tolerant so it might work in a workplace environment. We run it in a computer lab where the machines are constantly up and down, and it works pretty well. It also has MapReduce, which lets you distribute IO tasks. Jacob

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