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Comment Re:Hypersonic weapons lead to nuclear war ? (Score 1) 290

There is an opinion that Ukraine was a ticking time bomb since Ukrainian "independence" because of the black sea fleet, sevastopol base has been crucial to russian armed forces doctrine. Something had to happen there before 2017 anyhow.

Comment Re:Mission failed (Score 1) 65

it is yet unknown whether it is an engine problem or software glitch. if it's the latter, they will attempt to upload an updated version and send it off. main engine hasn't fired, so they still have fuel. however, they have only three days to find out the problem with software, batteries won't last for much longer.

Submission + - Hubble accuracy surpassed by earthbound telescope->

randuev writes: High-speed adaptive optics system helped Large Binocular Telescope (on earth) to beat accuracy of Hubble Telescope (space) observations.

"A special sensor detects atmospheric distortions in real time and controls the mirror to adjust its position to compensate, effectively canceling out the blurring. The mirror can make adjustments every one-thousandth of a second, with accuracy to better than ten nanometers (a nanometer is one millionth the size of a millimeter)."

Now, that's what I call real-time. This nifty trick multiplied Strehl ratio (optical quality) of LBT by about 80 times to unprecedented Rayleigh limit. Hope we'll see more space around us in higher resolution on Google Sky.

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Submission + - Top 5 Ways to Hack into Your Web Application->

An anonymous reader writes: Are you familiar with white hat hacking? If you aren't, you should be. White hat hacking is a planned attack that checks your systems for vulnerabilities. After the hacker successfully (and harmlessly) compromises your environment, they tell you what to do to fix it. Even though most security loopholes are well-documented, I'm surprised how many open exploits are in applications that we security scan here at INetU. So stand by for a little White Hat Hacking 101, where I'll teach you how to hack into your own site.
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Submission + - SPAM: Pixel Qi Unveils A New Breed of LCD

narramissic writes: "The first screen product from start-up Pixel Qi is a 10.1-inch netbook screen designed to work in three modes: a black-and-white e-ink mode for reading text documents and e-books, and two color modes, designed for use indoors or in bright sunlight, that are more suitable for Web surfing and video playback. 'A lot of people thought it was impossible to get this kind of performance out of an LCD', says Pixel Qi co-founder Mary Lou Jepsen, 'And so when they see it they get really excited and join with the effort.' The company is now looking for customers and will show off engineering samples at Computex Taipei 2009 next week."
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Comment once something has happened no unhappening for you (Score 4, Insightful) 221

isn't it obvious, that once something has happened it cannot be erased from history of this light cone? the only thing you could possibly do about events in your past is to provide an alternative version preferably as soon as this happened. i have plenty of record online under my real name, of course there are some things that are embarassing to me ages ago, but plenty of time has went past :)

Submission + - US embassy plans appear online ..

rs232 writes: ""Computer-generated images of the heavily defended site, currently being built on the banks of the river Tigris, were placed on the website of Berger Devine Yaeger"

'Before they were taken down, the website pages giving what was called the "Baghdad US Embassy Compound Master Plan"',,2093161,00 .html"

Submission + - Florida man makes saltwater burn like fuel->

Jesrad writes: While looking for away to heat up and destroy cancerous cells using radiowaves, Sanibel Island resident John Kanzius was surprised to see his saltwater sample ignite and produce a big flame instead of just heating up. It seems the apparatus radiolyses water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, which can immediately recombine and burn. It's not known yet how energy-efficient the process is, but it could make hydrogen production cheap and fast.
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