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Journal: Wikipedia no longer accessible from China

Journal by empaler
The respite was very short for the Chinese wikipedians - reported in the Inquirer, Wikipedia is now inaccessible in China. However, it is unclear whether this is recession to earlier censorship policy or just an error. From the article: "So far it is not clear if the problems are technical or if they are part of a formal ban as there has not been a comment from the Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Information Industry.". A lengthier article is available at Prison Planet, who broke the story.

Journal: Opera Goes 8.5, Removes Banners

Journal by empaler
I just submitted this story; hoping it gets published. Really love Opera.
Opera has just released version 8.5 of their popular and extremely safe web browser - and from this release onwards, it's free!
It's available in many different flavours of course, including , Linux, and even OS/2! Of course, even inevitably, it comes in a Windows version. New to Opera? Take a look at it's features. Of course, there's a changelog describing the changes from 8.02, the biggest of course being the removal of banners.
Personally, I migrated from Firefox to Opera a few months back, and the only thing I miss is the massive amount of plugins available for the former. I love the zoom function which affects everything including pictures and flash, and of course it's 'save session' function. Try it today!
User Journal

Journal: Hello, random_static

Journal by empaler

I couldn't PM you and your last journal entry has been archived, so I thought I might catch your attention by adding you as a friend and hoping that you might go here. Yes, I would please like to try Orkut. My email is the one stated here, so just go ahead and send me an invitation. Thank you.


Journal: Pirate Bay upgrades

Journal by empaler
I just submitted this story: The Pirate Bay, the self-exclaimed largest torrent-tracker has just upgraded their interface to be more accessible and user-friendly. So what's new? Well, first of all, you can choose to view the site in one of ten languages, including Swedish (original language), English, Danish, Italian and other quaint languages. Also, the search database has been optimized for speed and it now has a more 'googlish' look to it. As always, you can find the tons of legal threats from various offended software companies (including Microsoft, Apple and EA), all of which have been answered with ridicule and a shrug. Why is this so? In Sweden, BitTorrent tracking is not illegal, as the trackers themselves do not infringe on the rights of the owners. Nice to see some sanity in the world with regards to IP law, and nice to see a torrent-site actually go against the tide of closing trackers and *improve* their services.

Journal: Reading TFA

Journal by empaler

I will often post a comment that reads something like
"Yuo is teh sukc RTehFA"

This is because I hate it when people try to sound as if they're smart after maybe only reading the headline... Which I hate.

On the other hand, when I make that terrible mistake, I won't take offense if you tell me to RTFA. That's how it works.

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side. - Han Solo