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Comment: Re:Glad to hear they were punished, but ... (Score 2) 179

by random coward (#48820933) Attached to: Marriot Back-Pedals On Wireless Blocking
Thing is that their provided Wifi was complete crap; their system was likely jamming itself. That is in fact how it got discovered. A guy tried to setup his own hotspot because the Marriot provided wifi wasn't working worth a tinkers dam. When he noticed his hotspot jammed he started calling shenanigans. The real lesson here is that if you create a good infrastructure and its not terribly expensive charge for the wifi they would have turned a profit and likely still be able to jam everyone else. But when your morons and cant run a decent network when you cross that line your going to get spanked because you offend so many people.

Comment: Re:Intelligent design beats evolution? (Score 1) 391

By a different definition to the one implied by religion, yes.

One is intelligence designed by biologicals or other machines. One is design by magical fairies and unicorns.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Clarke's third law.

And you're berating religious people for not being able to distinguish advanced technology from magic?
Care to rethink this?

Comment: Re:MATLAB! WTF!?!?? (Score 2) 415

by random coward (#47410337) Attached to: Python Bumps Off Java As Top Learning Language
Digging further than the fine article to the blog that it was based on. It appears that the methodology of the study is wrong for what it purports. There were multiple languages and courses from each school; It speaks as if this is the intro for CSC majors, and then adds CSC courses that wont go towards a CSC degree; I.E. programming for engineers with matlab at Georgia Tech for example.

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