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Submission + - The Case for Complex Dark Matter-> 2

An anonymous reader writes: About four years ago, James Bullock, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California, Irvine, began to wonder whether the standard view of dark matter was failing important empirical tests. “This was the point where I really started thinking hard about alternatives,” he said.

Bullock thinks that dark matter might instead be complex, something that interacts with itself strongly in the way that ordinary matter interacts with itself to form intricate structures like atoms and atomic elements. Such a self-interacting dark matter, Bullock suspects, could exist in a “dark sector,” somewhat parallel to our own light sector, but detectable only through the way it affects gravity.

He and his colleagues have created numerical simulations that predict what the universe would look like if dark matter feels strong interactions. They expected to see the model fail. Instead, they found that it was consistent with what astronomers observe.

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Comment Re:65 VW Bug (Score 1) 373

Its the EMP Commision report. Go read it if you want to know. Its an interesting report. The only cars that were disabled were the ones running. It doesn't specifically say why but its a good guess that the added EMP plus the running current in the ignition fried ignition coils. Replace coil and good to go.
br? The other thing to keep in mind is that a Carrington level solar event will be thousands of orders of magnitude more powerful and more energetic than all the nuclear bombs on the planet combined. That should be the real worry; people really are insignificant compared to nature.

Comment Re:It's the base assumption that its invalid (Score 2) 392

Safes can be opened ... with a warrant. Mail can be opened ... with a warrant. Vehicles can be searched ... with a warrant. There's no reason to make smartphones that can't be searched ... with a warrant. I'm starting to get on board that Cortana should be accessible to law enforcement if needed to solve crimes. This is getting ridiculous, when there is evidence that could solve multiple murders and they have it so locked down that even LEO cannot get at it. That type of encryption is for the government, not for joe six-pack.

They are welcome to brute force the phone just like they do the safe or the mail. The owner of a safe isn't required to open it just because there is a warrant. These are also police who believe they have an expectation of privacy while doing their official duty but you don't have expectation of privacy on your phones contents? They're lucky we allow them to attempt to decrypt the things on their own and don't remove that power from them as well.

Comment Re:Interesting hack...but (Score 1) 458

Ah, but why is so much being spent to get a specific person elected? There must be some massive return on investment for that. There is the rub! If you want to get the money out of politics, you must get the money out of government. The real issue is that paying for lobbying or for candidates has such a large return on investment that it beats stocks or bonds. You remove that ROI and people will stop spending such massive amounts of money on elections. But it won't happen before that.

Comment So close and then a miss. (Score 1) 458

Right now there are large urban areas that have enough people to vote to favor them over the rest of the populations in their state. Chicago does this to IL and NYC does this to to NYS. Until you get back to a republican form of government for the states, which is required by our constitution, these people that live over large areas of the country are being held hostage to the policies of the large cities. Take a look at a vote map by county some time. Sectionalism is going to cause a Civil War in this country if we continue on this path. Giving more power to democracy will just further strengthen the large urban populations to control policy over those who are more diffuse in the states and the federal government. It is no the answer to the problem, it is the problem. Some kind of splitting up needs to happen, while it can happen peacefully, instead of further entrenching the status quo.

Look here is a map showing voting by counties Why should the Dense Urban areas control the Rural areas policies? Its going to be ugly if we have 3 wolves and 2 sheep voting on whats for dinner, or rather Urban Density voting for policies that favor them at the expense of the Rural areas.

Comment Goodbye Slashdot! Been a nice run (Score 2) 552

I expect the end is near for slashdot. Its been a nice run, but all things must come to an end. Either it doesn't get sold and shutdown or it gets sold to someone who used the domain names for something else, but slashdot is now in hospice.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Comment Re:Welcome to the USSA Comrade (Score 1) 144

In reality; anarchist was the name given to communists in the 19th century. The difficult to tell difference is because they were both espousing the same thing; Carl Marx's utopia. The early communists, and indeed Marx wrote that when the proletariat took over there would be no more need for government because government was the Oligarchy and Bourgeoisie keeping the Proletariat down.
It also goes even further back than Marx. The French Revolution espoused a communist ideology as well, although the term hadn't been invented yet, same ideals.

Comment Re:Welcome to the USSA Comrade (Score 1) 144

The Red Scare goes back to much earlier than the Cold war(1919-1920), but yes you're right about the good old days, they were never really that good, but this is getting to the point were the US is becoming a parody of the old Soviet Union. Didn't a former White House Chef just die in an accident?

Comment Re:If it doesn't include nuclear... (Score 1) 308

What part of "run the equipment on biodiesel" did you not understand?

The part were they get less biodiesel from the crop than they use to get the crop, also the part were poor people starve because food production is changed to energy production.

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