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Comment Re:Ok NFL, I can take a hint (Score 1) 560

One of my favorite parts of this Superbowl (heck, any game he plays in) is watching Peyton Manning dissect and outsmart the entire defense with audibles and calling out the mike backer... all of which happens before the ball is even snapped. Any true football fan would agree.

Comment Re:Considerably? (Score 1, Insightful) 686

Nope. Nice try though.

Click on the link that the average of 77k is based off of. It is coming from one job, that is that of a "SUPERINTENDENT Nassau County Coop Building." It just happened to have the words "garbage" and "one 'man' job" in the description.

Comment MS's fault? (Score 0, Troll) 627

The article states that the plug-in fails to read files created with 2 of the 6. Of the two it "fails" on, one is in BETA, the other is a RC.

It MUST be Microsoft's fault that their proven product that's been on the market for years and is used everywhere, doesn't work when you try to feed it files created in unproven piece of shit applications. Yeah.

Comment But who pays? (Score 1) 330

Very rarely do I get actual spam (unsolicited, no opt out, misleading header) in my inbox, less than once every two months or so, but what everyone seems to forget is that the ISP's have to pay for the bandwidth of all this spam, and that bandwidth cost gets passed straight on to us consumers.

So even if we don't get it in our inboxes, we are still paying a price since spam is the equivalent to sending a piece of snail-mail that is paid by the receiver.

May all your PUSHes be POPped.