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Comment: Re:Been there, done that (for free) (Score 1) 378

by ramandu (#31604504) Attached to: Photoshop CS5's Showpiece — Content-Aware Fill
Oh so you caught the sarcasm? Too bad you didn't catch the fact that my screen name is ramandu, not tjwhaynes; I never posted the links you used for your well thought out summary.

I only saw one image on the resynthesizer page, is that what you're comparing to the demo? If it is then I agree, the adobe demo is much more awe inspiring; however flashy tech demos are not a very valuable metric when comparing the actual capabilities.

Comment: Re:Been there, done that (for free) (Score 1) 378

by ramandu (#31603228) Attached to: Photoshop CS5's Showpiece — Content-Aware Fill
And pray tell, just what you base that on? A 360p youtube video? Or perhaps you have access to the full resolution before, and after images shown in the video? Perhaps it's best to wait and see what this tool can do in real life, before touting it's superior "quality".

Just saying.

Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Protein ... and Now Fat 210

Posted by timothy
from the visit-the-chiba-clinic-for-an-upgrade dept.
ral writes "The human tongue can taste more than sweet, sour, salty, bitter and protein. Researchers have added fat to that list. Dr. Russell Keast, an exercise and nutrition sciences professor at Deakin University in Melbourne, told Slashfood, 'This makes logical sense. We have sweet to identify carbohydrate/sugars, and umami to identify protein/amino acids, so we could expect a taste to identify the other macronutrient: fat.' In the Deakin study, which appears in the latest issue of the British Journal of Nutrition, Dr. Keast and his team gave a group of 33 people fatty acids found in common foods, mixed in with nonfat milk to disguise the telltale fat texture. All 33 could detect the fatty acids to at least a small degree."

Comment: Re:Too much lockdown! (Score 1) 237

by ramandu (#31002270) Attached to: Google Releases Chrome OS Tablet Concept Demo
"There"? I'll assume you mean "their", but that doesn't make much more sense than what you typed. You see, if I pay for a computer I expect to have the rights that go along with ownership; which includes the right to put what ever legal software I have on it. If Apple was loaning me a computer, I could see them not allowing me to install what ever I wanted on it. But such is not the case.

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