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Comment: Re:Obligatory Onion link (Score 3, Interesting) 314

by Ralph Siegler (#48821717) Attached to: Radio Shack Reported To Be Ready for Bankruptcy Filing
not my experience, the couple stores I frequent in Chicago and Wheeling over the past decade have good people and various cables/connectors/components I've needed. Seems the business model was people would come in for one simple thing on emergency basis and see often also buy whatever cool thing was on sale (for example good headphone)

Comment: Re:Spin of photon is always 1 (Score 1) 107

Photon does have angular momentum (you are right, not an orbital one), but that really just the same as "spin" with a helicity, plus or minus h-bar depending on whether right or left-hand polarized We can add energy to your list; If you know frequency, you also know energy and momentum of photon

Comment: Re:Who cares - get something for that money (Score 1) 474

I use a company Apple laptop, must say it's very solid and robust compared to other leading laptop brands, and I sure appreciate having BSD on there as opposed to the other alternative my employer would have handed me, a windows thing. Don't have to worry about driver configuration issues either, the hardware designed for an OS and driver set. I drive two other screens with it on my desk, nice to have three total screens that work well together. Major softwares in the business/professional world can run on it, for some things there just aren't alternatives yet in the open source world. Now at home I run GNU/Linux, on the two systems under my desk nvidia and radeon driver issues sometimes a pain. But there are things I have to do for work that just can't run on that platform, so I have to fire up windows 7 under vmware workstation. ew.

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