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Comment Re:So, now is it finally legal to... (Score 1) 571

They're driving up your driveway because you haven't put up a "Private Drive" and/or a "No Outlet" sign down at the main highway to let them know its not a thru road. How else are they supposed to know? The frappin' GPS sure doesn't.

My friend and I attempted to follow a GPS route thru Death Valley. It left the main road, we drove 40 miles, and it turned onto a road that had a lot of large broken rocks with sharp edges, and a sign, "No Services Next 70 miles." There was an issue with having enough gasoline in case we got to the 69 mile mark and punctured a 2nd tire after cutting one on one of the sharp rocks, or encountering a bridge out or some-such, so we drove the 40 miles back to the main road and got out of DV with the car just breathing gasoline fumes. Have to be careful...

Comment Re: Voluntary? (Score 1) 428

Yeah, 4th Amendment. My brain fart. Anyway, the courts will probably someday say that the gov't can collect up all the guns, too. They will be wrong then, as they are wrong now with this. A right is a right, and its not subject to being abridged because someone is afraid. Note that the 4th doesn't say that people can't be screened before getting on an airplane, it just says that the gov't can't be doing it.

Comment Re: Voluntary? (Score 1) 428

Search and seizure before boarding an airplane with no probably cause for believing there has been wrongdoing on the part of the specific person to be searched, and therefore without a court order to do so, is in direct violation of the 5th Amendment. The _government_ is not permitted to do that. The airlines can get together and hire _private_ security to do that, but the gov't is prohibited from doing it.

Of course, the gov't routinely ignores the constitution nowdays, so I guess they can do anything they want - come into your house and search it any time they feel like it (while killing your dog, of course), take your guns, anything they want - the constitution no longer applies... because they said so...

Comment Disney (Score 1) 543

Lets see of Disney fires 250 more employees and replaces them with H1B's if each is going to cost the $110,000 a year! Bet they don't, and that's what this is trying to stop. I've seen news reports that say that _all_ the job gains in the USA since the year 2000 are amongst only immigrants of one flavor or another - H1B's, illegals, legals, etc. Its a war on prosperity, basically, with the middle class wages being forced closer and closer to poverty in every occupation.

Comment Re:Cue the World's Smallest Violin (Score 1) 289

Scientists and engineers the world over are working on alternative energy solutions that don't involve digging anything out of the ground so we can generate grid electricity and run our vehicles. They have already had great successes in bringing down the price of PV solar panels that are beginning to make sense for commercial power generation. The IEEE has recently had a magazine article suggesting the construction of a global DC power grid that would allow us to use solar electricity at night because it would be generated in the Ukraine or in the Sahara. Also at work are scientists attempting to build a battery that will allow electric cars to outperform and be less expensive to fuel than gasoline cars, at somewhere close to the same purchase price as a gasoline car. They haven't succeeded yet but they probably will. If they don't, we're going to then have to solve the problem of using grid electricity for our cars and trucks and airplanes and ships, whether it is sending it through the air on a laser beam or inventing a really long extension cord. But we will either do it or we won't, but nobody has to incentivize this research because it is already incentivized by the big bucks at the end of the rainbow for whoever is successful first.

IOW, we can relax, this problem is going to solve itself via ordinary market forces, and we don't have to quit driving nor pass oppressive laws that raise energy prices and kill 1000's of millions of people by casting them into poverty. All we have to do is to promote prosperity so there are many corporations and universities that have the money to work on the problem.

So, relax. The problem is being worked to the best efforts of those that are capable.

Comment Re:Cue the World's Smallest Violin (Score 1) 289

"If we wait until it's too late we'll wait forever, and then it will be too late."

"Too late" does not occur within our lifetimes. Some of us alive today will see this problem solved.

"If we wait until energy is $cheap (for an undefined value of $cheap) we'll wait forever, and then it will be too late."

It will not be "too late" within our lifetimes, but we are not "waiting" and are moving with all deliberate speed to ramp up solar and wind. 1000's of wind generators have been and are being built, and progress on solar is advancing and costs of obtaining solar electricity are falling. Our tough nut to crack is the "magic battery" that will allow economical electric cars rather than cars from high-priced brands like Tesla and Porsche.

"It we wait until all the uninvented inventions are all invented we'll wait forever, and then it will be too late."

We're not waiting. We're inventing them right now.

"The only thing we can guarantee is that if we never start we will never finish."

We started a long time ago, and progress is steady and successes are numerous. The big challenge, the "magic battery", has numerous announcement of yet another high capacity battery, but as yet we don't have such a battery suitable for automotive use. However, the near-monthly announcement of yet another "breakthrough" in this area is eventually going to bear fruit, and we will have our electric cars. At that point, we will be in sight of the ultimate solution of never digging anything out of the ground to fuel our energy demands again.

"Teaching ourselves to be more efficient in what we do and how we use energy will only help to reduce waste. And with less waste we there is more to go around. Conflating starting to do *anything* about our CO2 addiction with the starvation and death of poor third world babies is simply a cynical, evil, lazy, and corrupt non sequitur fallacy"

Did I say anything about 3rd world babies? No, I was talking about the 49 million Americans ALREADY in poverty, in part because of misguided, overly-expensive "solutions" to misguided and sometimes not-existent "environmental problems" that make everything they must purchase more expensive. Save _American_ lives by proceeding reasonably, without having one's hair set afire by alarmist advocates with broken computer programs predicting doom and gloom unless we do exactly as _they_ say. Our solutions will appear as the by-product of efforts to achieve cheaper energy, which will soon be solar and wind, as that tech has a lot of improvement possibility left in it. Internal combustion, and fossil fuel produced energy do not.

Comment Public Transportation Solves the Wrong Problem (Score 1) 211

The public transportation proponents are attempting to solve the wrong problem.

We are not all going to and from work all the time. Often, we're living in DC and we're packing the kids into the car and the luggage and maybe a set of tools into the trunk and going to Grandma's in South Carolina to visit and fix up a few things around her house over the weekend.

Now describe to me how a train is going to help with the 3 suitcases and the portable air compressor and paint gun with 5 quarts of satin white? Gonna lug that onto a train? No, you're not, you're going to be sitting in traffic with everyone else, especially on Sunday night when I-95 thru the Fredericksburg, Va. area comes to a near-halt with all the traffic (those people aren't going to work or coming from it, either) and the Harry W. Nice bridge on US 301 between Virginia and Maryland over the Potomac is backed up 5 miles with the very same sort of traffic for points north.

That's the problem to solve. Not everyone is moving around to go to work. Some are working on Grandma's house, others have 300 lbs of scuba gear / tanks / etc. or maybe a ski-doo or maybe all of the above. We need to stop the knee-jerk to "public transportation" because it just doesn't work all the places that cars and trucks work. Build some more roads, damnit, and yeah, lets robotize the cars. We want to go to sleep in the back seat and truck bed, so when we get to Grandma's, we're ready to attack the painting, or ready to hit the beach with the ski-doo...

Comment Re:Cue the World's Smallest Violin (Score 2) 289

Century? 300 Years? Freeman Dyson, the most brilliant physicist on the planet, has said not to worry about it, because in 50 - 60 years or so we're going to have the energy from renewable sources problem licked, we will dig nothing out of the ground for our energy, and put no CO2 into the atmosphere. At that point, CO2 concentrations will start down, and our problems of too-cold winters will just be beginning (He didn't say the part about the too-cold winters, that's just my speculation. )

The point is that 1) There's not a damn thing we can do about this right now, because we don't have the tech to leave the carbon in the ground and that's what we need to do, and 2) we have centuries to fix this, and will probably do so in 50 - 60 years.

So, not to worry, and especially don't go creating millions of new people in poverty by raising fossil fuel costs when people still need cheap energy to live, heat their homes, air condition, and move around in cars. Making all that more expensive just plunges the barely-hanging-on off the edge of the cliff, into poverty. What's more dangerous than smoking? Living in poverty, which will take up to 10 years off your life. Smoking is only likely to take 7 years off your life. So, lets get people out of poverty, promote prosperity, and solve this problem with all due haste, but not so quick that it hurts people.

Comment Re:Not Entirely A Bad Thing (Score 1) 488

They will have to attack neighboring states to "make a hole" and most of the neighboring states are quite strong, militarily. Getting them to commit suicide via inadvisable military endeavors, esp. when they will have no supply lines because growing food will become impossible at the higher temperatures may also not be a bad thing. They all die in a war they start that when they could have just shown up at the border, hat in hand, begging for asylum that would most assuredly be granted, would scatter them, and make them much more concerned with their situation than with killing everyone in the world that is not Muslim.

Comment Re:Not Entirely A Bad Thing (Score 0) 488

There won't be any war there because there won't be any people there. What part of "uninhabitable" are you having trouble with?

And as far as war goes, we can beat them in a straight-up war. As Bill O'Reilly has said repeatedly, "General Patton could destroy all of ISIS in a week." Its the damn Jihad nonsense, the cowardly war against civilians that has to be stopped. Making them all refugees would be a great start.

Comment Re:With the Republican's AGW... (Score 1, Offtopic) 144

Oh, here we go again. Gloom and doom, etc. etc.

What I always want to know is even with unlimited money, just what do you think you could do about "global warming?" Our whole society runs on energy, and without it our crops don't get grown and they don't get to market. The fuels to make electricity require energy to move them from the oil or coal fields to the generators where they are turned into electricity. And cars and trucks run on oil, there are millions and millions of cars, and nobody has invented the "magic battery" to allow us to run them without emitting.

And if you try to spend unlimited money, you end up throwing people out of work. They go into poverty. What is more dangerous to your health than smoking? Living in poverty is more dangerous than smoking as it can take up to 10 years off your life. Smoking is only "good" for a 7 year reduction in lifespan. Plus, those kids that are living in poverty and experiencing undernourishment will have their brains fail to develop fully, and this damage cannot be reversed later.

And since the Chinese and the Indians don't give a flying F about the global warming scarecrow, they are going to continue to dig coal like it is going out of style. That means that the rest of the world that considers themselves "sane" will have to go to zero emissions. We can't do it. We don't have that tech yet. We may never get that tech. The only way we could achieve zero emissions is kill a really significant portion of the population and go back to animal-powered subsistence farming like the 1800's, but of course the lifespans would be like the 1800's. Izzat what we want to do? And, as many scientists claim, the AGW theory may yet be a hoax, and if so, we could kill millions for nothing.

People can whine about global warming all day, but unless they have a SOLUTION, I don't want to hear it. "Doing a little bit" that is insanely costly and doesn't amount to 0.05 degrees of reduction is just torturing the citizens for no good reason. I want a full-up, "completely stop the warming" solution or I say we don't spend a damned dime toward it. Half measures just harm all.

Comment Just Guessing (Score 1) 67

but there's probably enough energy in the Yellowstone magma chambers to 100% power all our (humanity's - the world's) energy requirements for absolutely everything we do. Tapping it fully, MAYBE we could keep it from getting any hotter. Suspicious we could not construct enough heat sinks to actually cool it at all, its too big.

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