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Comment Indifference (Score 4, Insightful) 159

I've concluded in the past couple of years that large parts of Microsoft as an organization have stopped being able to coherently sell to the end user market, and whatever people in the management that would have in the past noticed this sort of thing and taken steps to correct it have left or moved on to other roles.

Signs of things slipping I've personally noticed in recent years:
- The faulty Microsoft web-based store (do they expect developers whose first experience with Microsoft is a web site that can't even sell a Windows upgrade are going to turn around and want to build things on ASP.net?)
- Contradictory descriptions of the different Windows SKUs (with respect to use as upgrades, new machine installs, usability by end users vs. system integrators, etc.)
- Software with seriously flakiness in features that worked in previous versions (e.g. Windows 10 Start Menu search and keyboard navigation), with broken help links, without an integrated installer (e.g. Lync, Sharepoint)

Comment Re:Reminder.. (Score 1) 50

The PCI DSS is a set of basic set of system/network administration goals related to security. It means what it means. It doesn't mean that known vulnerabilities have been patched, or that specific security measures have been taken to secure card data. It does mean that system default passwords have been changed, that users have unique IDs, and that there is some kind of auditing going on.
It's a fair assessment IMO to say it's a "veneer" that is going to continue to allow giant breaches because it doesn't prescribe specific security measures. But it is definitely related to security.

I should also add: In many cases, it's all there is ever going to be in terms of policy. While most sophisticated organizations are in a position to hire staff who know and understand normal security practices and will allow them to be put into place, there are as many transactions going through those as through small businesses where no one knows anything about network security and no one would ever do any reading to learn about anything under any conceivable circumstance. The PCI DSS is as much a security policy as it is a message to the public about how little security it thinks is actually achievable in real businesses.

Comment Here be dragons (Score 1) 191

This case is a journey into barely touched judicial territory of things like civil aiding and abetting and first amendment civil law.

I think Americans' (rightful) pride in the First Amendment has blinded many to the fact that legislators have basically stopped paying attention to the whole area of speech, and so there's a huge amount we'll-know-it-when-we-see-it arbitrary case law around things like free vs. criminal speech, what speech acts are protected from civil liability, etc.

Comment Questionable (Score 1) 148

"when the document is rendered by a Reading System without scripting support or with scripting support disabled, the top-level document content must retain its integrity, remaining consumable by the User without any information loss or other significant deterioration."

- http://www.idpf.org/epub/301/s...

Comment Insufficient gigging for who? (Score 1) 169

I suspect that's an industry with exactly the right amount of gigging. It's a buyer's market for employees loaded with excess optimism! Sure, not every employee is naive enough to believe in the future of their fake full-time position, but I think we have to accept that many are, and most people in a management role aren't altruistic enough to tell others hard truths when it is just going to lead them to hire (potentially worse) people sooner.

Comment Somehow I doubt it (Score 1) 324

Don't get me wrong... I think Apple's closed platform and ridiculous incremental prices for storage continue to alienate many power users, and that is the gift that keeps on giving for their competition (both in terms of market share and developer support). But when it comes to their business it is not 'a strategic mistake' but rather the opposite -- they've spent the last 8 years doing essentially the same thing on this front, and they can cry all the way to the bank if they want to, but it's hard to change the formula when they have tens billions of dollars every year riding on it.

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