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Comment: Re:Amazing ... (Score 1) 212

by rajafarian (#44567789) Attached to: Class-action Suit Filed Against Microsoft Over Surface Write Off

It seems to me that Microsoft has no idea why people have been buying their products this whole time.

It looks to me that the current people weren't there in the 90s and 00s so they don't know how Microsoft got to be so popular: by eliminating choice. They seem to think that people specifically wanted Windows instead of getting Windows because that's what came with the computer because Microsoft killed other options like OS/2 and BEOS.

Comment: Re:Given the UN's track record in Africa... (Score 1) 240

by rajafarian (#44066569) Attached to: Attackers Tweet As They Assault UN Development Program Compound

I have to say, I can understand how they would view the UN in such a way. The UN's policies are pretty firm in their pushing of dependence, which is unsurprising given the way the wealthier and more influential nations are able to control it.

I think they may be confusing the IMF with the UN. You know, "Before we went hungry and that was that, but now we're hungry, and in debt."

Comment: Re:Why is Global Warming So Bad? (Score 1) 497

by rajafarian (#43703361) Attached to: CO2 Levels Reach 400ppm at Mauna Loa For First Time On Record

I think that global warming by itself doesn't sound so bad, what's a couple of degrees warmer every day? What does sound pretty bad is the potential for extreme weather due to the increase in water in the air. Or something like that. Tornados, droughts, floods, those don't sound cool at all!

Yes, we will be going to OSI, Mars, and Pluto, but not necessarily in that order. -- Jeffrey Honig